New Backbone One gaming controller for iPhone fixes the one problem holding back the excellent grip

The 2nd generation USB-C BackBone One controller for iPhone
(Image credit: BackBone)

One of the best gaming controller grips for iPhone, the Backbone One, is set to be re-released with a new model that fixes many of the issues the already-great pad had.

Introducing a USB-C connection for the new range of iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max handsets, the new version of the lightweight wrap-around controller will bring improvements to the D-Pad, and the accompanying iOS and Android app to make it easier to find great games to play on your phone.

But, crucially, perhaps the biggest improvement of all is a new magnetic adapter connection to hold phones in place while using the Backbone One. Thanks to this addition, you should finally be able to use the Backbone One Controllers without removing your iPhone’s case first — the most annoying thing about the original device, and one of the very few reasons that until now we’ve been recommending the more convenient GameVice Flex instead.

King of the iPhone gaming pads?

“These new controllers continue our commitment to impeccable design and further our position as the leader in mobile and cloud gaming devices,” Backbone stated in a blog post.

“Magnetic adapters allow for even better phone fit and a reshaped D-pad enhances responsiveness, resulting in superior feel and control across multiple genres of gameplay–all while still maintaining the form factor and ergonomics that players know and love. When combined with the Backbone app–which puts all of gaming in one place–it’s our most accessible gaming experience ever.”

Available now, the Backbone One 2nd generation USB-C controller costs $99.99 / £99.99, while those that subscribe to the Backbone+ subscription service (which lets you use the pad with computers among other features) can nab a $30 discount if they pick one up before November 17. Buy one between now and May 2025, and you’ll get three months' worth of Apple Arcade thrown in for good measure, too.

Finally, Backbone will also be selling a new carry case specific to the pad, coming in style to match either the black version of the Backbone One, or the white one that features PlayStation branding. That’s priced at $24.99, and Backbone+ subscribers can pick up a 20% discount on that too.

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