6 things every Switch gamer needs

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Congratulations! You've nabbed yourself a Nintendo Switch, one of the most versatile and enjoyable gaming systems out there. However, despite the console's many positive traits there are a few things that every Switch owner should have to protect their gaming system and also to get the most out of it. This applies to any Switch, whether you have the Switch, Switch Lite, or Switch OLED. 

Here's everything a Switch owner should have in order to get the most out of their console and keep it going longer. 

Everything else is nice, but unnecessary

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There are tons of other accessories out there like capture cards, Joy-Con chargers, and amiibo. But the absolute basic things every Switch owner must have are a screen protector, microSD card, carrying case, controller, and grips. 

If you're not sure what size microSD card to get, I highly recommend grabbing the SanDisk 128GB Mario-themed one that's officially licensed by Nintendo. It has sold so well that it's relatively inexpensive and it has plenty of room for housing game data so you don't have to worry about deleting, archiving or reinstalling Switch game data

Of course, no Switch should go unprotected without a screen protector. These are rather inexpensive usually costing less than $10 and they usually come with a multipack in case you mess up installation or need to replace it down the line. We love iVoler's since they come with alignment frames to help you perfectly place the glass each time. 

If there's only one other accessory you get, you really ought to make it a hardshell carrying case as these will help you port around your expensive consoles in a safer way. PowerA protective cases for Switch are a perfect choice as they feature carrying handles and zippered storage space for holding small accessories like earbuds and cleaning cloths. That zipper also helps keep accessories from falling out and scraping against your console in transit. These cases come in a number of fun Nintendo designs so you can find the look you like best. 

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