Apple Vision Pro release date confirmed for February 2: here's how to get your headset when US sales open

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Vision Pro has long been one of our most anticipated products to come out of Apple over the last couple of years, and we've been waiting with bated breath for some semblance of a release date since we saw the headset last year.

Now, Apple has given us an official date as to when we might get one — February 2.

Vision Pro, coming soon near you

Apple has announced the release date for the new headset in the Apple Newsroom, giving us an idea of when we can actually get our hands on one. The release goes through some more details of the headset as well, only serving to make us even more excited for the moment we can all get one strapped on.

"The era of Spatial computing has arrived" says Tim Cook in Apple's press release, as his legacy is finally becoming a reality in his eyes. The release reiterates mostly what we already knew — from visionOS to virtual environments and the implementation of the Digital Crown.

There's more that we didn't know, however. Apple says two different strap options are coming with the headset, a Dual Loop band and a Solo Knit band, so that users can find the "fit that works best for them". There's also going to be a light seal, two cushions for the light seal, and a cover for the front of the device when you're not using it to keep that display free from damage.

There's also a Polishing cloth, USB-C charge cable, and USB-C Power adapter to go with the battery module.

Alongside what's coming in the box, there's also some information about some games that we can expect from the headset on release. Spatial games like "Game Room, What the Golf?, and Super Fruit Ninja, take advantage of the powerful capabilities of Apple Vision Pro to transform the space around players, offering unique and engaging gameplay experiences."

The final buying information

We have a solid price of $3,499, and that will come with 256GB of storage. Preorders will start on January 19 at 5 am PST, and then shipping will start on February 2. The Zeiss inserts for glasses wearers will be available for $149, and then reading options for those who don't need a prescription will come in at $99.

So we know when it's coming, and we know how much it will cost — will you be getting one?

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  • Bla1ze
    This will be super interesting to watch unfold but coming in at $3,499.. they can keep it.
  • Just_Me_D
    Bla1ze said:
    This will be super interesting to watch unfold but coming in at $3,499.. they can keep it.

    My sentiments exactly.
  • naddy69
    "So we know when it's coming, and we know how much it will cost — will you be getting one?"

    Um, no. $3,800 including tax is absurd, even for Apple. They will sell maybe 100,000 of these, including the "Vision Mini" that will arrive in less than a year for $1,500. Later they will all be dumped on eBay for under $500.

    In 3 years both will be gone, joining the Apple /// and the Lisa as ridiculously expensive, failed products from Apple.
  • ggore
    I am quite sure that MKBHD and all the other usual YouTubers already have them and are busily creating their "first look" videos that will gloriously call this ridiculously expensive thing a "device for the masses". Personally, I have never had any sort of desire for a virtual reality device of any kind, and I don't think I am any different from anyone else in the vast majority of the public. It will be fun to watch these reviews, but in the end, I don't think much will come of the whole thing. This is just not a mass-market thing in my opinion. I could be wrong but I don't think so.