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What you need to know

  • Nomad is running an excellent promotion to celebrate the launch of its new wireless charger.
  • It means you can get 50% off one of their really tough Kevlar cables.
  • You can qualify for the deal by buying any of Nomad's flat wireless chargers.

Nomad is giving customers 50% off their Kevlar cables when they buy any of Nomad's flat wireless chargers.

50% off!

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Power Combo Sale

Fantastic savings to be made on Nomad's rugged cables.

Right now, Nomad is holding a Power Combo Sale, where you can get 50% off a Nomad Kevlar cable if you buy any of its flat wireless charging stations, including the new Base Station Apple Watch.

Yesterday, Nomad announced its brand new Base Station Apple Watch Edition, which can power up to five devices at once!

From that report:

Accessory maker Nomad has announced an updated version of the Apple Watch Edition of its Base Station wireless charger. Like the previous version of this Base Station, the new model features an integrated Apple Watch charger, along with a host of improvements that could allow it to be your all-in-one device charger.

The new Base Station features a new layout of its charging coils. The coils are now larger, which gives you more freedom in the placement of your devices on the mat to charge. This can be particularly helpful for things like AirPods wireless charging cases.

As part of this launch, Nomad is offering a cable promo to customers who buy not only the new Base Station Apple Watch but any of its wireless charging hubs. According to Nomad:

Beginning tomorrow, we'll be offering 50% off any one of our Kevlar series cables with the purchase of any of our flat wireless chargers. This means if you purchase a Base Station Apple Watch, Base Station Hub, or Base Station Walnut Hub, you can pick up the kevlar cable of your choice at 50% off. No codes needed, discount automatically applied at checkout.

Nomad's base stations are a fantastic charging solution, and their cables feature a robust Kevlar outer braid for maximum durability. Naturally, given their increased toughness, Nomad's Kevlar cables are a little pricier than standard Lightning and USB-C cables, so this is a great excuse to grab one. The deal is available from today, March 4. Check it out!

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