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What you need to know

  • Apple has released the first look at its upcoming film 'Greyhound'.
  • Tom Hanks says their film "puts a magnifying glass" on the battle.
  • 'Greyhound' premieres this Friday on Apple TV+.

'Greyhound', the WWII war film starring Tom Hanks, is set to premiere on Apple TV+ this Friday, July 10th. To get audiences excited about the film, Apple has released a first look at the movie to its Apple TV YouTube channel.

The 'Inside Look: Battle of the Atlantic' clip takes viewers on a history of the battle with Tom Hanks, who says that the film embraces the details "but at the same time tying those details into the human story."

"There have been movies about World War II but we expanded it, embracing the details, but at the same time tying those details into the human story. What do we rely on to get us through this? Our movie puts a magnifying glass on the history of the Battle of the Atlantic."

'Greyhound' takes the audience on the journey of Captain Ernest Krause who is tasked with leading a convoy of ships across the Atlantic ocean during World War II.

Inspired by real events, Captain Ernest Krause (Tom Hanks) leads an international convoy of 37 ships on a treacherous mission across The Atlantic to deliver thousands of soldiers and much-needed supplies to Allied forces. Stephen Graham, Rob Morgan, and Elisabeth Shue star alongside Hanks. The Apple Original film was directed by Aaron Schneider and produced by Gary Goetzman.

The film is premiering on Apple TV+ this Friday, July 10th. You can watch the first look at 'Greyhound' below:

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