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In this silly version of the DC universe, the Justice League has gone missing and a new group of similar-looking characters calling themselves the "Justice Syndicate" have appeared to take their place. They aren't the heroes they claim to be, but the DC supervillains know what's up. You'll join with other infamous characters to create a Suicide Squad of sorts as you take down this vile group of superheroes and protect the earth in the process.

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The best part about this game is that you get to create a brand new supervillain and play as that character as you run through the game. There are plenty of character customization features to help you feel like your creation truly is of your own making. You'll also acquire new skills as you continue to play. As the game progresses, you'll join Lex Luthor, the Joker, Harley Quinn, Reverse-Flash, and several other baddies in your quest to oust this invading super force.

Though it isn't immediately apparent, this game is the successor to the LEGO Batman games. As with many other LEGO video games, you'll explore a metropolitan hub. Only this one showcases several easter eggs and locations from the DC universe. You can steal cars and rampage through the streets like any usual villain would. When you're ready to start a new mission, head to the proper level portal and it will start. This is a super kid-friendly game that uses humor and dislocating LEGOs in place of violence. But it isn't just for kids; this is a great game for all ages.

Rebecca Spear
Gaming Editor

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