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What you need to know

  • Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is now available for download in App Store.
  • Gamers can play on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.
  • An Apple Arcade subscription will be required in order to download the game.

Mobile gamers have a new title to try after Gibbon: Beyond the Trees became available for download via Apple Arcade.

An Apple Arcade exclusive, this title is an "ecological adventure about freedom and survival" and is absolutely stunning to look at. While the game will be coming to both Nintendo Switch and Steam later this year, Apple Arcade is the only place to play it right now.

  • Experience free-flowing dynamic movement based on brachiation, the way real gibbons swing through the trees
  • Master acrobatic moves, including launching from another gibbon's hands in mid air
  • A touching adventure of a family of gibbons trying to survive amid an encroaching human threat.
  • Play through an hourlong adventure in story mode, or race to freedom through a procedurally generated jungle in liberation mode.
  • Stunning 2D hand painted visuals that breathe life into a rapidly vanishing world.
  • Explore varied environments, from the wild jungles of Southeast Asia to the hectic human world beyond.
  • Gibbon: Beyond the Trees deals with challenging but acute environmental topics, including deforestation, poaching and climate change.

Gamers who want to take Gibbon: Beyond the Trees for a spin can do so by downloading it from the App Store today. You'll need an Apple Arcade subscription of course and that'll run you $4.99 per month unless you already pay for Apple One in which case you're good to go!

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