God Wars: The Complete Legend: Beginner's guide

If you're a fan of Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics, it's safe to say that you're a fan of tactical or strategy RPGs. While these big-name titles don't have their own games on the Switch yet, there are definitely some hidden gems to satisfy your cravings.

God Wars is a lesser-known title compared to most, but it's still a fun tactical RPG with a rich story. The Complete Legend version on the Nintendo Switch is the most comprehensive version of the game. It includes all content fromthe full game and DLC from God Wars: Future Past, while also adding a brand new character and dungeon.

Whether you're familiar with the game or not, now is a great time to get started! And we're here to help you get the most out of God Wars: The Complete Legend.

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Choose a difficulty level that suits you

There are three levels of difficulty in God Wars: Easy, Normal, and Hard.

Don't be afraid to play on Easy. You'll get the same story and battles, but it'll be a tad easier than standard difficulty. It's also a better option if you just care about the story. Oh, and Easy actually gives better rewards for completing battles, so you can breeze through it and enjoy the folklore.

If you want a challenge though, then go ahead and pick Normal or Hard difficulty.

Understand character stats and jobs

Each character that you come across that joins your party has their own distinctive base stats, which correlates with their main job. One person will be a healer, for example, while another is a speedy ninja. Their primary jobs determine their stat growth.

For example, if a character is best as a spell caster, they have much more growth in magic attack and defense, while having weak physical attack and defense. A character who is strong in physical attack and defense is best as a fighter type, rather than someone who casts spells or heals. As they level up, their stats in certain areas improve while others may not, or even be stagnant for some levels.

Eventually, you'll unlock new job classes that branch off from the main ones, and some require leveling up multiple jobs to obtain. Every character can have three types of jobs: Main, Sub, and Unique.

Main determines their equippable items, stat distribution, growth, and skills. Sub jobs mean the character can only use learned skills from a job without it assigned as the main one. The same goes for Unique, except this can never be changed.

Always observe a characters base stats when you get them, as this helps you figure out which job to give them.

Know terrain advantages

It's always important to pay attention to the enemies and terrain around you.

On stages, the terrain can provide many advantages if you know what to look for. Some spots may be higher than others, for example. Having one of your units up higher means it's harder for enemies to hit them, and can give them an advantage in combat, especially if you're using bows.

Of course, if an enemy is up there, you'll need to figure out a better way to get to them, as you may have poor accuracy due to their height. Some enemies can attack with ranged skills or weapons, so make sure you know your enemies before engaging.

Watch what direction your units face on Standby

After you have moved your units and taken action, you must put them into Standby before ending the turn.

During Standby, you'll need to pick a direction for the unit to face. This matters because enemies can dish out more damage depending on whether they attack in front of your units, from the sides, or from behind.

If an attack is directly in front, there's a high chance it could miss, as the unit can dodge the hit. The sides mean moderate damage, and the back dishes out the most.

In a perfect world, you would always face your enemy before engaging. But that's not always possible, so try and position them so that you're not always getting backstabbed, at least.

Search for herbs and open chests before ending battle

One of your starting characters, Kintaro, has an ability that lets him search sparkly squares of grass for herbs. Take advantage of this ability! It can get you free herbs, which you can use to heal or make potions with.

Other characters can also use the "Search" action to find hidden items in adjacent squares. Use this when you aren't able to attack since you never know what you may find. But be careful, sometimes chests contain nasty traps instead!

Another thing you should make sure you check are treasure chests when they appear on a map. These boxes may contain useful items or equipment, which you can use to better gear your team, or heal with if you're in a bind. Just make sure you scour the stage for all available items and treasure before completing the objective. Because once the goal is met, such as defeating all enemies, then the level is considered complete and you move forward.

Venture forth and vanquish your foes!

God Wars: The Complete Legend is a tactical RPG that has an interesting story, fun gameplay mechanics, and is definitely a nice addition to any game collection. If you're a fan of Japanese folklore and like a good challenge, then you should definitely give God Wars a try. It's sure to satisfy your need for an SRPG for a while.

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