Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: Renting cauldrons - Tips and Tricks

In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, a good practice for any witch or wizard is brewing potions. These potions are helpful items that can help you overpower Confoundables in Traces, increase your attack power or focus in Wizarding Challenges, heal you after taking damage in Challenges, and more. And while each potion needs a different amount of time to brew, you can even use Master Notes to speed up the process. Your standard cauldron is able to brew one potion at a time, but you can queue up a total of four potions at once.

But did you know that you can also rent out a Golden Cauldron to get four more slots for potions, and also increase the overall brewing speed by 10 percent? Here are some more tips and tricks to consider when it comes to the rental Golden Cauldron.

Go for the cheapest rental option

Harry Potter Wizards Unite rental cauldron options

When it comes to renting out the Golden Cauldron, there are three options to choose from: three hours for 15 gold, eight hours for 35 gold, and 24 hours for 90 gold. Unless you really plan on brewing potions and staying on top of it during that entire time, you may not need the eight or 24-hour options.

The three-hour option is cheap enough (15 gold is easily obtainable through regular play). And you may not even have enough ingredients on-hand at all times to brew up to eight potions at once, so the extra time may be wasted, as well as your gold.

Rent only when you have the necessary ingredients

Harry Potter Wizards Unite rental cauldron ingredients missing

Since the rental timer begins immediately after you tap it (and there's no confirmation prompt either), you'll want to make sure that you have all of the ingredients you need beforehand for your potions. Otherwise, if you need to collect more, you're wasting time.

You can also always buy the missing ingredients with gold, though if you're low on that you may want to avoid doing this or conserve your gold for more important purchases, like item or energy storage.

You can overload the rental cauldron

Overload the rental cauldron in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Once you rent the cauldron, you can queue up a few potions at a time, depending on which ones they are, even if the total brewing time goes past your rental timer.

What this means is that if you rent it for three hours, start off with a potion that takes an hour or two to brew. Then queue up a beefier potion, such as Baruffio's Brain Elixir, which takes 12 hours. This gives you a total of at least 12 hours with the rental for a mere 15 gold.

It works similarly to the Spell Energy cap. So if you have 70/75 Spell Energy, and gain 10 Spell Energy from a Turkey Dinner, you'll end up with 80/75 Spell Energy, and then you won't be able to get any more until you're below your maximum. So if you're brewing a two-hour pot in the cauldron, and then add another potion that requires more time, you've hit your limit and can't add any more unless you extend the rental.

Doing it this way is more economical than renting it out for eight hours or more.

Stack Master Notes with Rental Cauldron's buff to reduce time more

Harry Potter Wizards Unite stack master notes with rental cauldron

The benefit of using the rental cauldron is that it is faster than your normal cauldron and reduces brewing time by 10 percent. You can stack this time bonus with the Master Notes, which reduces brew time by another 15 percent. So if you input the Master Notes sequences for your brews in the rental, you're reducing the total brew time by a total of 25 percent.

In the long run, you may not notice the faster brewing times, but if you're constantly checking in on the game, then the difference may be more noticeable.

Your brewing tips?

For the most part, the rental cauldron is completely optional to use, and it's only useful if you're on a potion brewing spree (maybe clearing out those ingredients to make room for more). You probably may not use the rental cauldron at all, but these tips will help you get the most out of your short rental time.

Do you have any tips with the Rental Golden Cauldron in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? Share them below in the comments!

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