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What you need to know

  • Apple released tvOS 13.4 to Apple TV users this week.
  • Some people noticed their Harmony universal remotes no longer work.
  • Harmony has a fix, but it's more of a workaround.

If you installed tvOS 13.4 this week and noticed that your Logitech Harmony universal remote isn't working properly, you're not alone. According to a few Reddit posts, it seems to be a fairly common issue if you own a Harmony Elite controller. Users say that they now have non-functioning buttons, which seems less than ideal!

Thankfully, there's a fix although it involves re-adding your Apple TV as a generic device.

First, the problem:

I updated my Apple TV 4K today to tvOS 13.4. After updating it, my Harmony Elite, which I'm connecting with Bluetooth, the back and menu button longer work. I have the Apple TV 4K set up in Harmony software as Harmony Pro BT Apple TV 4K. I tried re-pairing it but it did nothing. I also tried deleting the activity and re-doing it and that did not work either. Seems it's no longer compatible.

It's worth noting that those who have their Harmony Elite paired over infrared – rather than Bluetooth – don't appear to be having any problems, although the added lag that brings to the table isn't my idea of fun. Thankfully, a Logitech customer service rep chimed in with a fix that should have you up and running again – although it does involve re-adding your Apple TV to your remote entirely.

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This fix? Reconfigure your Apple TV in the Harmony software, but as a new device with the Manufacturer ID of "Harmony Pro" and a model number of "BT Apple TV 4".

A couple of Reddit threads suggest that works, although it isn't clear whether it means you'll need to reconfigure any automations that were set up. Hopefully not!

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