Apple Watch Ultra 2: Where to preorder

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Preorders
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Now that the Apple Event is over, we’ve seen what kind of fresh devices Apple is laying down for us, And one of the most exciting is the new Apple Watch Ultra 2. After last year's massive launch, this year felt a little more like an upgrade rather than a fully fresh product, but there’s still a lot to be getting hyped for. Only one question remains: When and where are you going to preorder one from?

We know one thing for certain: the date that we’re going to get the Apple Watch Ultra 2. It’s coming on September 22, when Apple is going to send the watch out to eager buyers.

This year was more of an iterative update for the Apple Watch Ultra, a little less than the massive launch from last year. There are some cool extras, however, most notably that new S9 SiP processor that will make the watch even speedier to use than the last model.

Preordering Apple Watch Series Ultra 2: What you need to know

Release Date: September 22

Colors: Titanium

Price: $799

There are a couple of different options available to you when it comes to preordering an Apple Watch Ultra 2 so that you can get your new watch as close to the release date as possible. The first is to hop over to your normal retailer of choice, and pay for the watch in one big sum. This will save you money overall, as you won’t have to pay any extra on a monthly device loan. You will have to get a separate data plan for this option mind you, so you’ll still have to get something with a carrier.

Speaking of mobile carriers; this brings us on to the second option: a contract Apple Watch Ultra. This will let you spread the cost of the watch over the course of a contract, saving you money initially as you don;t have to pay the full sum up front. It also gets paid alongside your data plan, something you’ll actually need for the Apple Watch Ultra 2 to perform correctly. There are also more deals if you go about buying an Apple Watch like this, and sometimes there are massive savings to be had if you buy an iPhone and an Apple Watch at the same time — given there’s a new iPhone out now as well, you may want to look at upgrading your watch and your phone at the same time to see if you save any money.

Retail Apple Watch Ultra 2 preorders

Want to pay up front for your Apple Watch Ultra 2 preorder? These are the best places to grab one from.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 | From $799 at Apple

Apple Watch Ultra 2 | From $799 at Apple

Head to Apple and find all the customization options you could possibly want. This is the place to go if you want your watch as close to release as possible, and you can get Apple Care directly from the source.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 | From $799 at Amazon

Apple Watch Ultra 2 | From $799 at Amazon

Amazon is another good option, although you’ll soon find that there aren’t as many options available. Prices are the same as Apple, however, and Prime delivery is always a big boon for those who have an account.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 | From $799 at Best Buy

Apple Watch Ultra 2 | From $799 at Best Buy

Grab your Apple Watch from Best Buy and you’ll perhaps even find some deals. The biggest bonus from Best Buy is that you can pick your order up in-store if you know you’re not going to be home for any deliveries on release day.

Contract Apple Watch Ultra 2 preorders

Want to spread the cost of the device and pay for it alongside that necessary data plan? One of these contract options will work for you.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 | Preorder at Verizon

Apple Watch Ultra 2 | Preorder at Verizon

Verizon is one of the best places to preorder a watch period, as there are often some very solid deals in place so that you can save on a new device. Grab one in a bundle with an iPhone and you could stand to save a lot of money.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 | Preorder at AT&T

Apple Watch Ultra 2 | Preorder at AT&T

Another good option for those looking for a contract Apple Watch Ultra 2 is AT&T, where you can find some great offers and bundles with good amounts of data in the plan.

Preorder Q&A

Can I trade in my old watch?

You can, but it won’t save you much. It will be better for the environment, however, as the watch will either be refurbished or stripped for parts and used to repair another watch. What you really should trade in, however, is your old iPhone, which will stand to save you lots of money.

Last year, for example, there was a deal that netted you a free brand-new iPhone when you traded in an old iPhone at Verizon. While this might not happen again this year, hopefully, we’ll see something similar so that you can save more money.

How does a contract Apple Watch work?

A contract sees you paying for your Apple Watch over a series of months with a device loan. This means that in the long run, you will pay slightly more overall than you might have done if you bought it outright when you take interest into consideration. With an Apple Watch, however, it’s almost worth just going with the monthly option as you can often find deals with data plans that can mean that you end up paying less than you might have otherwise. Confusing, yes, but it highlights the need to shop around.

Why should you preorder?

If you want to get your Apple Watch Ultra 2 as close to the release date as possible, then you’ll want to preorder. It’s a no-brainer if you were going to order one anyway, as you won’t pay any more for the preorder. It will also avoid stock issues and other potential delays, as you reserve some stock before it comes in.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Q&A

What colors is the Apple Watch Ultra 2 available in?

You can only get the Apple Watch Ultra 2 in a Titanium finish, but there are multiple loop options.

How much is the Apple Watch Ultra 2?

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 will cost $799.

What sizes is the Apple Watch UItra 2 available in?

There is only one size that you can get the Apple Watch Ultra with a 49mm screen.

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