Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 leaked in database ahead of iPhone 15 launch

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In what’s shaping up to be a busy September for Apple, a filing with the Bluetooth database confirms that a new Watch is coming.

The Bluetooth Launch Studio (which lists upcoming Bluetooth-enabled products) shows a new entry called ‘WatchOS Profile Subsystem 2023’. You can see that it's listed under ‘Product Name’, with the publish date being August 13.

There are no hints as to what the models are, what their names are, or anything else. But it at least shows that Apple is gearing up for new models.

We’ve been here before with other models in the past, such as the M1 iPad Pro. This was filed into the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) database, a few weeks before it was announced at a Spring event in April 2021. Listings like this can usually help to identify Apple’s plans to launch new products, making sure the appropriate wireless standard associations are informed of upcoming devices making use of their technologies.

So while it looks like all signs are pointing to new Apple Watches soon, what could Series 9 and Ultra 2 bring to the table?

What could be coming?

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An Apple Watch X is reportedly going to be a huge redesign for the line, much like how the Apple Watch Ultra was back in September 2022. But that’s not due until 2024, according to rumors relating to Apple’s 10th-generation smartwatch plans.

Instead, both Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 are expected to have minor changes. There could be a new ‘Titanium Black’ color for Ultra 2, alongside a new ‘Pink’ variant for Series 9. And while their external designs are broadly staying the same, a new chip could finally be appearing.

Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra both have the S6 chip, one that’s been used since Series 6. So to have a chip reportedly based on the A15 chip that’s in iPhone 13 Pro could see some big speed improvements to these new models.

But there could also be the return of a much-missed Watch strap - the Modern Buckle. Rumored to come in new colors and with a redesigned magnetic latch, it could go well with these new models. With its sleek design and easy method of taking it off your wrist thanks to its magnet clasp, it could be one of the few straps that could fit well for both Series 9 and Ultra 2.

So while there could be minor updates this year, it could still be a great time to upgrade if you’re using an older Apple Watch. Let us know in the forums if you’re already planning on upgrading this year, or waiting for the Watch X.

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