Apple Watch Series 9 is now available from Apple's official refurbished store

Apple Watch Series 9, Double Tap feature
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The Apple Watch Series 9 is now available to purchase from Apple's official refurbished store – letting customers score the latest device for even less.

One of the best ways to get big savings on the latest Apple gear is to shop on the brand's own refurbished store. It offers fixed up versions of used products for a lower price. You get a quality item and can save some cash in the process. We regularly see top Apple Watch deals on the refurbished store.

Now, shoppers can purchase the Apple Watch Series 9 from Apple's refurbished store in select countries. For now, it's only available in Australia and New Zealand.

Where next?

Apple will undoubtedly release the Apple Watch Series 9 to its refurbished store in other countries soon. Most likely to come next are Japan or the UK, where a search filter for the device was spotted. This usually indicates that the particular model will be coming to the store soon, but not always.

For the time being, the Apple Watch Series 9 is not available from Apple's refurbished store in the US. This is most likely due to the tech giant's recent woes around the device. Thanks to a legal scuffle with Masimo over the blood-oxygen sensor, Apple had to stop selling the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 last year. Apple can now sell these models again, but only with the blood-oxygen sensors disabled via software.

Since the FTC restriction is still in place, if Apple decides to see refurbished models of the Series 9, they will most likely also ship with the blood oxygen sensor deactivated. For the time being, perhaps Apple is holding out hope for the legalities to be resolved, or is working on disabling the blood oxygen sensor on refurbished Apple Watch Series 9 devices.

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