You might not be able to get an Apple Watch Series 8 with $50 off for much longer - Prime Day is over soon

Apple Watch Series 8
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How long has the Apple Watch Series 8 been out for? 5 minutes? Well, maybe a little longer than that, but it doesn't feel like it. This deal is perhaps one of the most surprising that we've seen over the course of the Prime Day sales, not only because the device is so new but also because it is a solid discount that could save you a lot of money. All size options of the Apple Watch Series 8 have been reduced by $50, making the Watch $349 for the 41mm variant and $369 for the bigger 45mm screen. That's incredibly impressive, and it needs saying again, a brand new device.

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Apple Watch Series 8 lowest price ever

Apple Watch Series 8 41mm GPS |$399now $349 at Amazon

<a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">Apple Watch Series 8 41mm GPS | $399 now $349 at Amazon

We wouldn't have expected this in a million years and wouldn't have believed you if you told us it was happening a week ago. Yet here we are, with around $50 off the price of one of Apple's newest and hottest ticket items. The Apple Watch Series 8 comes with some improvements over the previous model, including a longer-lasting battery and a new temperature sensor for improved activity tracking. As far as we can tell, this offer is on all colors but only on the 41mm face and GPS option. This is now the lowest price ever for the watch - far before we ever thought we'd see it. 

We honestly can't envision this price on the Apple Watch Series 8 being around for very long, especially as these usually very expensive devices sell out quickly at full price. The Series 8 at this price is one of the smartwatch deals of the year and well worth snapping up now that we have the opportunity - it'll be a while until we see a price like this again.

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