You can still get an epic Apple Watch deal after Prime Day

Prime Day is over now, but some of the deals are still running even now that Amazon has packed away all the sale gubbins. The Apple Watch range remains reduced on Amazon, with deals on everything from the Apple Watch SE to the Ultra. We've been covering deals like these not just over this Prime Day, but also over Prime Days long passed – we know what to look for and what deals you should be looking at.

The Apple Watch Series 8 has lost it's $120 saving, but there is still a decent $70 discount that can save you a little. The Apple Watch SE's $50 off is also replaced, this time by a $10 reduction.You won't be able to save as much as you might have done over Prime Day, but there are still some good deals going.

It's not just the entry-level GPS models either — discounts can be found on the cellular version of the Apple Watch too across the generations on sale, which gives you data on the move without the need for an iPhone, perfect for hikes or those long runs.

We've gathered together all the best post-Prime Day Apple Watch deals below, so that you don't have to trawl through all the deals on Amazons chaotic website. These might not be as good as they where over Prime Day, but there are some stellar savings even now.

The best Apple Watch Prime Day deals still available

Amazon Apple Watch Series 8 deals

Apple Watch Series 8 41mm |$399 at Amazon

Apple Watch Series 8 41mm | $399 at Amazon

So it's back up to full price! After an absolute monster of a deal over Prime Day, it's now the same price as you'll find over at Apple. Wait a little bit for this one – it might come back.

Price check: Apple $399 | Best Buy $399

Apple Watch Series 8 Cellular 41mm|$499$429 at Amazon

Apple Watch Series 8 Cellular 41mm| $499 $429 at Amazon

Only one color left of this one, although there is still a reasonable deal on it. This $70 saving was, for a while, the best price you could get on the Series 8 Apple Watch, and the cellular model lets you take it out and about without an iPhone nearby.

Price check: Apple $499 | Best Buy $499

Amazon Apple Watch SE deals

Apple Watch SE 40mm|$249 at Amazon

Apple Watch SE 40mm| $249 at Amazon

This $50 saving brings the SE down to its lowest price ever, making this sub-$200 price point the one to beat for Apple's budget smart watch. Do watch out for colors here, however; some have gone back up to full price.

Price check: Apple $249 | Best Buy $249

Apple Watch SE 44mm|$279at Amazon

Apple Watch SE 44mm| $279 at Amazon

If you're after a bigger Apple Watch SE, then this is the way to go. The Apple Watch SE 44mm is also currently $50 off at Amazon for Prime Day, so you can net a solid deal on an excellent smart watch.

Price check: Apple $249 | Best Buy $249

Amazon Apple Watch Ultra deals

Apple Watch Ultra Alpine Loop | $799$779 at Amazon

Apple Watch Ultra Alpine Loop | $799 $779 at Amazon

There have already been a couple of deals on the Apple Watch Ultra during its short lifetime, but Prime day didn't bring any massive price decreases – and they continue to elude the most expensive Apple Watch.

Price check: Apple $799 | Best Buy $799

Prime Day Apple Watch accessories deals

Apple Watch Band Trail Loop | $99 at Amazon

Apple Watch Band Trail Loop | $99 at Amazon

We're big fans of the Apple Watch Trail Loop – but it is also astronomically expensive for a thin strip of a fabric that keeps your watch on your wrist.

Misxi 2-pack case with screen protector |$13.99$10.99 at Amazon

Misxi 2-pack case with screen protector | $13.99 $10.99 at Amazon

A screen protector is always a good idea to strap on to your Apple Watch, so that you can protect the screen from all those accidental bumps and scrapes when you walk past wrist-height tables and counters.

Is now a good time to buy an Apple Watch?

Apple Watch Ultra hiking workout

(Image credit: Joe Wituschek)

If you aren't worried about getting Apple's latest and greatest, then this is absolutely the best time to buy an Apple Watch. Apple will unveil a new series of models later this year, likely in September. But retailers like Amazon know this already, which is why they're trying to clear the decks of stocks with generous discounts. 


How do I know that an Apple Watch on Amazon is genuine?

Make sure that whenever you buy an Apple Watch from Amazon you're getting it from the right store – there is an official Apple Store, and that's the only place on Amazon that's guaranteed to be authentic. This store has discounts, however, unlike the actual Apple website.

Whats the difference between GPS and Cellular?

It's simple: a GPS watch needs to be near a phone to receive texts and calls, while a Cellular one has its own data plan and doesn't need a phone.

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