Buying an Apple Watch Ultra? Do it now and save $50

Apple Watch Ultra
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The Apple Watch Ultra was unveiled late last year, but it has quickly become the favorite device of many. Its massive chassis will take a beating on the trail, and the larger screen makes use easier than you might think. It's a bold new direction for the Apple Watch, albeit one with a very high price. When it's full price, the Apple Watch Ultra goes for $800 - so any discount is welcome. There is currently $50 off at Amazon, so there are some savings to be had.

Apple Watch Ultra $50 off

Apple Watch Ultra | $799 (opens in new tab)

Apple Watch Ultra | $799 $749 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

The biggest, chunkiest Apple Watch has a pretty chunky saving to go with it. This isn't the biggest saving we've seen - that honor goes to the $739 price tag last seen over Black Friday last year. This is possibly the best price we'll see on a non-promotion day. This discount is on all the strap options, so no matter the color band you want, you'll save.

We love the Apple Watch Ultra here at iMore. In our review, we said it was 'actually the best Apple Watch for most people'. Indeed, if you can afford this thing, it is a stunning piece of wearable kit. The screen is bigger and brighter than any Apple Watch before, and the titanium chassis not only looks stunning, but it's extremely sturdy as well.

It is heavy, however, and compared to the Apple Watch Series 8, it's perhaps easy to wonder why you might want to spend more than you would for the lower model. For, in some cases, double the price, you'll get that bigger screen, the titanium shell, and the cool new alpine loop strap. If this seems a bit much for you, you can find the Apple Watch Series 8 for $50 less than usual at just $349 at Amazon (opens in new tab).

If you'd like to save money on one of the other Apple Watch models, then we know where to find all the best Apple Watch deals.

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