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HealthKit falls ill to bugs on iOS 8 launch day

As consumers are updating their current iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch units to run the latest iOS 8 software that is being made available today to customers for the first time, there are questions surrounding the new HealthKit software. After reports that Apple had pulled HealthKit-compatible apps from the App Store, Apple has finally gone on record to say that the launch of HealthKit apps has been delayed after bugs were discovered.

"We discovered a bug that prevents us from making HealthKit apps available on iOS 8 today," Apple said in a statement. "We're working quickly to have the bug fixed in a software update and have HealthKit apps available by the end of the month."

Originally billed as a centralized location for consumers and medical professionals to track health and fitness data from various third-party apps and accessories, it now appears that HealthKit won't be ready in time for when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus goes on sale this Friday.

Source: Tim Bradshaw

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