Help send iPads to Barefoot College in India

There are 20 days left in the campaign and just over $4500 needed to reach the project's goal!

For many of us, Apple's iPad is a great device for watching movies, responding to emails, typing up short documents, and maybe doing a bit of reading or gaming. For some of us, it's a powerful computer, capable of completing all the same tasks a full-on PC can. But for women in rural India, Apple's iPad can be a life-changing tool.

Fraser Speirs, an educator and technology administrator at Cedars School of Excellence, home of the world's first whole-school 1:1 iPad program, has launched a campaign to buy and ship iPads to the Barefoot College in India.

What's the Barefoot College?

The Barefoot College is an organization in India that trains women to become solar engineers, giving them the power to lift the economies and standards of living their own local communities:

The Barefoot College connects rural communities to solar, water, education, professions and advocacy to help communities and individuals take control of their lives and the wellbeing of their communities.

Help send 100 iPads to the Barefoot College

By donating to the campaign, you'll be helping send 100 used iPads, chargers, cables, and battery packs to the Barefoot College. Fraser is looking to raise about $15,000 by the end of August to cover the cost of buying, testing, and shipping.

The iPads will help with all matters of education, advocacy, training, communication, etc. As Fraser notes:

Trainees are often illiterate or semi-literate grandmothers who maintain strong roots in their villages and play a major role in community development, bringing sustainable electricity to remote, inaccessible villages.

Technology changes lives!

When I first heard about Fraser's campaign, I knew I wanted to shout about it from the rooftops. Luckily, iMore is letting me onto its rooftops to do just that. Creating a more sustainable world through education in rural India? I mean, come on, that's just awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing Fraser's campaign reach its goal — and then some.

Support the iPads for Barefoot College project

Mikah Sargent

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