Sometimes applying a screen protector can be the most stressful part of setting your tech up, because honestly who wants those ugly little bubbles staring back at you every time your screen lights up?

While applying a screen protector can be tricky, there are a couple of basic steps you can take to make sure your Switch isn't basking in its bubble-y glory!

Need a screen protector?

Best Screen Protectors for Nintendo Switch

1. Make sure everything is clean

The first step is relatively simple: make sure your hands are clean, then make sure your Switch's screen is clean.

This might mean wiping it down with a cleaning solution or a bit of warm water while using a microfiber cloth. You can also use compressed air to really make sure there aren't any extra dust particles sticking to your screen.

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Keep dust out of the air with a hot shower!

Yeah! Run a super hot shower and get the bathroom nice and steamy and then install in there! This helps keep dust out of the air and helps you with aa clean, bubble-free installation.

2. Be careful

Your screen protector is a delicate tool, meaning that the second your drop it, touch the sticky side, or accidentally f*&# it up in any way, it's totally useless.

So — again — make sure your hands are still clean (I really can't stress that enough) and then carefully get the protector ready. This involves carefully peeling the backing off the application side of the screen so the sticky portion is exposed

3. Start at the edge

A lot of the time when people are applying screen protectors, they'll just press it on and call it a day. This is when you get bubbles and bumps, so a good place to start is at the very edge of the screen as this will give you an extra guiding point.

PRO TIP: Take your time and peel back if needed to make sure you get a clean, straight fit.

Slowly lower more of the protector into place, pressing down evenly to make sure all air escapes the screen.

4. Press it down

When your Switch's screen protector is fully in place, you might have a few tiny bubbles here and there.

Don't panic! As long as they're not massive and bumpy, all can be saved: a credit card edge is perfect for pressing out little bubbles. Just press down and evenly work out the bubbles to the edge of the protector and you're good to go!

How do you go bubble-less?

Are you an anti-bubble pro? Do you have a special technique that you use to get rid of any bubbles in your screen protector?

Let me know your top tips in the comments below and I'll be sure to try 'em out!

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