How to check maps and directions on your Apple Watch

With Maps on the Apple Watch you have full access to location information including businesses, points of interest, and driving and walking directions. So whether you're trying to find a pizza, find out about the Eiffel Tower, or simply find your way home, you can do it all right from your wrist.

How Apple Watch Maps navigation works

The Apple Watch doesn't provide voice directions, at least not yet. Instead, it uses a pattern of taps and vibrations to tell you which way to go, and when you get there.

  • One series of 12 taps means turn right.
  • Three series of 2 taps means turn left.
  • First vibration means you're on the final segment.
  • Second vibration means you've arrived.

How to check maps on your Apple Watch with Siri

The fastest way to get maps, location, and direction information on your Apple Watch is simply to ask Siri, the built-in virtual personal assistant. You can ask for anything from restaurant and business locations to driving and walking directions.

  1. Bring your Apple Watch towards your mouth and say "Hey Siri", or press and hold the Digital Crown to activate Siri.
  2. Ask for the location information that interests you. For example, "Where am I?", "Where can I get coffee?", "Is there a toy store nearby?", "I need Italian food", "Take me home", or "How do I get to the Apple Store".

How to check Maps on your Apple Watch with the Glance

The Maps Glance provides a quick way to get directions to your next most likely destination, or simply see where you are. For example, if you typically drive to work in the morning or to hockey practice at night, those directions will be found in the Maps Glance. If there's no typical destination available, the Maps Glance will show you your current location instead.

  1. Press the Digital Crown to go to your clock face (if you're not there already).
  2. Swipe up to activate Glances.
  3. Swipe across until you get to the Maps Glance.

  4. Tap the Maps Glance to launch the Maps app.

How to check Maps on your Apple Watch with the app

The Maps app on Apple Watch can show you locations around the world, give you information about points of interest, let you plant pins, and give you directions both driving and walking.

  1. Press the Digital Crown to go to the Home screen. (Or just say, "Hey Siri, open weather".)
  2. Tap the Maps icon to launch the Maps app.
  3. Tap the Arrow button to go to your current location.

  4. Swipe with one finger to pan around, use the Digital Crown to zoom in or out.
  5. Tap on a Point of Interest to get information about it.
  6. Touch a hold down on the map to drop a pin.

  7. Press firmly to bring up the options menu.
  8. Tap Search to find locations by dictation, favorites, or recents, or tap Contacts to bring up addresses stored in your iPhone Contacts app.

  9. Tap Directions to get navigation. (Or just say "Hey Siri, take me to..."
  10. Tap Start to begin navigation.
  11. Press firmly on the display to get options for Stop Directions or Call Destination.

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