Nothing is more personal than sharing memories with friends and family, and nothing is more personal than a picture book. Thanks to Photos on the Mac, you can create, order, and ship the perfect bundle of memories without having to leave your house. However, change is coming.

As of Sept. 30, 2018, Apple has discontinued their long-time printing services that have been linked to Photos.

As a customer of Apple Print Services, we wanted to let you know that these services are being replaced with Photos Project Extensions. With Project Extensions, you can easily customize the Photos app with new features from developers. Project Extensions let you create high-quality books, cards, and calendars, as you did with the built-in services. You can convert, edit and reprint your existing projects using Project Extensions from Motif and Mimeo Photos. And you'll find additional offerings for new products like framed prints, photo canvases and more.

Users will be able to print and update existing projects via these new services and will gain access to a broader variety of printing and editing options. If you're looking to learn more about Project Extensions, never fear because iMore's here!

How to find and install Project Extensions

Now that you can no longer directly order prints, books, or whatever your heart desires through Photos, you can actually use something called Project Extensions.

Now when you go to order a calendar or wall decor, an App Store option pops up. If you click on that, it'll take you to the App Store and show you a few third-party apps that you can download to get started editing and ordering your photo creations.

  1. Open Photos.
  2. Choose File > Create then choose More. The Mac App Store opens and shows available Project Extensions.
  3. Click an extension to learn more, or click Get to download the extension.
  4. After the extension downloads, it becomes available as a Project Extension in Photos.

How to convert existing projects

You can update or continue to work on your existing Photos projects by converting them using third-party extensions, and after you convert your projects, you can still edit them further and place orders using the extension's interface within Photos. Here's how!

  1. In the Photos sidebar under Projects, select the project that you want to convert.
  2. In the Photos menu bar, choose File > Create, and then choose the Project Extension that you want to use. The extension shows options for the project, then converts the project into its own format.
  3. Use the Project Extension's interface within Photos to edit your project and place your order for print products. Click Done in the upper-right corner of Photos when you're finished. The converted project appears in the sidebar along with your original project.

How to order a book, calendar, card, wall decor, prints, slideshows, and more using Project Extensions

  1. Select a Memory, Album, or group of photos that you want to use for your project.
  2. Choose File > Create, then choose a Project Extension.
  3. Use the extension's interface to create your project, edit it, and place an order.

What do you think?

Are you excited to start ordering mementos through a new Project Extension like Wix Photo Albums or GoodTimes Collages? We're super pumped to try out these new editing and ordering services and we hope you are too!

Updated October 2018: Updated for changes in macOS Mojave.



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