How do you use your iPad?

Apple juggled their iPad lineup yesterday, kicking the iPad 2 to the curb and bringing the iPad 4 back out of retirement. For anyone who wants a slightly less expensive full-sized iPad, that's a big improvement. For anyone trying to decide which iPad they want, it's even more confusing. We have an iPad buyers guide to help people choose the right one for them, but it got me thinking — which iPad is right depends on how you're going to use it. That's the part that interests me. How do you use your iPad?

Web surfing, forum stuff, Twitter, RSS reading, email, paying bills, etcetera.JustMe'D, iMore Forums Member

Everywhere you go you see people using iPads in different ways although some of them are well, shall we say 'less accepted' than others.

I like it far more on a holiday then my laptop. It's small does the same exact thing as my laptop and easier to take a photo with.t3ddie, iMore Forums Member

I'm certainly not out climbing mountain tops and snapping photos or taking video under the sea with mine. It does however serve me well as a coffee table tablet for light browsing and reading while watching television or laying in bed and not really wanting the hassle of taking a MacBook to bed with me. Some folks go all in though, ditching their laptops for iPads on business trips and vacations.

So where does the iPad fit in your life? How do you use your iPad? Let me know in the comments below or head on into the iMore Forums for more discussion.

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