How to find Formidable Pixies in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

How to find Formidable Pixies in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
How to find Formidable Pixies in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (Image credit: iMore)

Completing SOS tasks in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a great way to earn XP, items, and other rewards, but some of the tasks are a little more difficult than others. One such task is to defeat 10 Formidable Pixies in Wizarding Challenges.

These Pixies can be hard to find, which makes taking down 10 of them no easy feat; however, there are a few tips we have for finding them so you can complete this task!

Formidable Pixies tend to spawn in Tower chambers

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fortress Challenges

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fortress Challenges (Image credit: iMore)

When you go to a Fortress, you'll need to select a chamber to go into, and the higher level chambers will contain harder foes. It seems that the Tower chambers have a higher chance of spawning Formidable Pixies as enemies.

The good news is you can find them in Tower Chamber I and Tower Chamber II, so you don't need to climb the ladder too far. They seem easy enough to find with Level 1 Runestones, but higher-level Runestones will give you more difficult Foes.

Professors tend to encounter them more

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Professor Icon

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Professor Icon (Image credit: Niantic)

Formidable Pixies are Curiosities, meaning the Professor profession is not only a little more likely to find them, but they also are better at battling them since the get an innate bonus against foes of the Curiosities type. If you're already a professor, this is good news for you; however, if you've picked Auror or Magizoologist, you can team up for a Professor find to help you find them in Wizarding Challenges.

In fact, teaming up will help you find more Pixies. You can beat Wizarding Challenges faster as a team, and higher difficulty foes will appear the higher your average level is.

You can also switch your profession to Professor. Still, Tower Chambers aren't pushovers, and changing your profession does cause you to be unable to use any skills you've obtained from other professions. This could make the battles a lot more difficult if you don't already have some professor skills.

Running away to spawn new enemies

If you're truly trying to find as many Formidable Pixies as fast as you can, running away from challenges spawns new enemies. So if you enter a chamber and don't luck out on the draw and don't have the chance to battle a Formidable Pixie, you can choose to fight enemies and then flee from the fight, causing new foes to appear.

Not only will this prevent you from wasting resources on battles you don't need to do, but it will also ensure you have the best chance of finding one. Just remember all Wizarding Challenges are a race against the clock. If you don't want to fail a Wizarding Challenge and waste your Runestones completely, you will need to defeat the required amount of enemies in the allotted time to earn any rewards!

Try playing at night

This isn't confirmed, but lots of players (including myself) have seemed to see more Pixies in Wizarding Challenge when its night time in the game.

There is some evidence to support this claim, you can find Pixies out in the map as Oddities, and Oddities are more likely to spawn at night. You can also try using Oddities Runestones, but there's no confirmation this makes any difference.

Questions about Formidable Pixies?

Do you have any questions about finding Formidable Pixies? Have any tips for your fellow Wizards and Witches? Let us know in the comments down below and be sure to check out our other Harry Potter Wizards Unite guides!

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