How to fix a stuck Apple Watch app install

Have apps on your Apple Watch that are stuck installing or updating?

If so, you're not alone. Sometimes, no matter how much time you give an Apple Watch app to install or update, it still shows the loading icon. While Apple will most likely address this issue in a future update, we can walk you through how to unstick app installs and updates right now!

Before continuing, I recommend trying a reboot first. In many cases, this will kickstart an app that is stuck installing or updating. If you aren't sure how to reboot your Apple Watch, you can follow our guide:

While a reboot works for some people, it isn't working for everyone. If your apps remain stuck after rebooting, here's something else you can try.

How to fix apps that are stuck installing on Apple Watch

  1. Launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Find the app that is stuck installing in the My Watch tab and tap on it.
  3. Turn Off the option for Show on Apple Watch.

    How to fix a stuck Apple Watch app install
  4. Wait for the app to finish uninstalling. (Confirm this by making sure it's gone on your Apple Watch.)
  5. Turn On the option for Show App on Apple Watch.
  6. Verify the app installed successfully on your Apple Watch.

    How to fix a stuck Apple Watch app install

If you've got apps stuck on install or update, try this method and let me know if it works for you. And as always, if you come up with a better method of fixing app install issues, be sure to let me know that too!