How to switch from Android to iPhone and keep your Google Keep!

When I explained how to easily switch from Android to iPhone, that was one of the very few concerns Android owners and Keep users looking to make the switch to iPhone mentioned. Sure there are other services like Evernote (opens in new tab) that work great everywhere, but those invested in Keep wanted to stay kept. Luckily, there are several ways to do just exactly that!


With support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen sizes, and iOS 8 features like Touch ID security, the free TurboNote — and paid TurboNote Pro — wraps Google Keep up in an App Store wrapper. The design is goofy, with outlandish font choices, and outdated wooden textures and sticky note logos, but the functionality is solid. That includes the ability to add up to 5 Google accounts — stored in your Keychain  — and quickly switch between them.


GoKeep likewise wraps Google Keep in an App Store wrapper, but with a much cleaner, more modern design. There's the free version and the + paid version, and while cheaper, it also only supports 2 Google accounts instead of 5. You can, however, protect them with Touch ID.

Because the iPhone enjoys some of the best support for web apps in the industry, you can also simply go to Google Keep online and use the service right from the Safari web browser. You can bookmark it to keep it handy, and if you want an icon to launch it straight from your Home screen, you can easily add that too just by tapping the Share button.

  • Google Keep - Free - Visit now (opens in new tab)

Time to switch

Once you have Google Keep squared away, you can get all the other Google apps for iPhone, and if you want to, all the Microsoft apps for iPhone as well. That's what makes switching to iPhone not only painless, but pleasurable. iOS enjoys first-class support from everyone else — and it's one of the biggest reasons to make the switch. And yes, we can put that in a Google Keep note and share it!

Rene Ritchie

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  • Rhetoric aside, when it comes to the actual end user experience, iOS is effectively the more "open" platform of them all given that you can use all the best applications and services from everyone - Apple, Goolgle, and Microsoft on your iOS devices..
  • That's not what we call, "open." Open platforms can be changed/modified by developers and loaded on to multiple devices or differing origins. I'd probably go with "most inclusive."
  • There are many definitions of "open". Most consumer phones aren't very open to consumers because they're made by manufacturers and run on carriers that don't prioritize "openness" regardless of which pieces of software have source code in the public.
  • @Novron, Google's use of the term "open" is their spin on one of Android's differentiators as a platform. A more correct descriptor would be "open to tinkering", but that's not very sexy... And Google seems to be backtracking from that stand point in favour of "togheterness" now (maybe they are more worried about Facebook now?!).
  • I use an iphone 6 for personal use and a note 4 for business. The problem with using iCloud services is I can't get to them from my note but using google services I can use them on both devices easily, I wouldn't call any apple "open".
  • Agreed. I use my iPad for work and DJ'ing and my Note 4 for everything else. I'm fully integrated in Google Services and use them across ALL platforms. Can't do that with Apple services though...
  • Google Keep is the sh-t!
  • Thanks Rene. I'm getting closer to switching. But I will wait and see what the new iPhone 7 and Nexus 2015 look like. Posted via the iMore App
  • Expect to see the iPhone 6s before the iPhone 7 by the way.
  • I'll rather have an official Keep made from Google. Love Google services and also widely use Apple services. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Same. I'll wait. Sent from the iMore App
  • Thanks for fixing the article, but no thanks for deleting my post making you aware of your misstatement. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • Nothing beats iPhone
  • Your comment brings nothing to the table. Thanks for trying though.
  • Is there still no better solution than these? The apps only wrap the webpage.