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Best answer: The Beats Fit Pro have 6-hour battery life on each bud (with ANC turned on) and 18 hours in the charging case.

Great earbud battery life

The battery life on the Beat Fit Pro is pretty stellar compared to the competition. Each earbud has 6-hours of listening time when at 100%, much like the recently released AirPods 3, but those six hours are with ANC turned on. That's even more battery life than the AirPods Pro, which only get about 4.5 hours f listening time on a full charge.

Don't forget, the charging case for the Beats Fit Pro also has an additional 18 hours of listening when it's fully charged up, meaning you have a total of 24-hours of playback time between the buds and the case. In terms of battery life, the Beats Fit Pro outperforms even some of the best noise-canceling headphones out there.

Does the Beats Fit Pro have fast charging?

Yes. When the battery on your earbuds are low, you can pop the Beats Fit Pro into the charging case and receive about one hour of listening time just from a five minutes charge. So keeping your Beats Fit Pro pumping out the tunes all day will only require a few small charging breaks. So, more music, less waiting! That sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

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Great battery life

The Beats Fit Pro have a 6-hour battery life with ANC turned on, which is stellar, and even outperforms the AirPods Pro. Add in the additional 18 hours in the charging case, and the fact that five mins of charging nets you one hour of listening time, the Beats Fit Pro shouldn't ever have to be out of your ears for very long.

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