Best answer: The Kodak Printomatic battery should fully charge from empty in about two hours. Plus, since the battery isn't too large, you can even charge the Kodak Printomatic with a portable battery pack.

Battery life

The Kodak Printomatic has a pretty small battery — 7.4V lithium ion — which only allows it to take and print about 40 photos before it will need a recharge. There is a low-battery indicator light that will switch on when the battery is lower than 10% of full capacity.

Unfortunately, the battery is not removable, which does mean when you notice the performance of the battery dip with natural degradation, and you won't be able to swap the battery out for a new one. When the battery dies, you'll want to invest in a new camera, although luckily it'll be a while before you have to deal with that.

Charging the Kodak Printomatic

The Kodak Printomatic charges via the included Micro-USB cable. When it reaches a full charge, the LED battery light will stop flashing red, so you'll know when it's good to go again.

You can plug in the Kodak Printomatic to any USB-A port on your computer or a charging block (like for your phone), but Kodak does recommend only using wall adapters that are rated for one amp. Also, due to its small battery capacity, The Kodak Printomatic can be charged with a portable battery pack, so you can charge it away from a wall outlet if you need to.

Charging the Kodak Printomatic from 0% to 100% capacity will take approximately two hours, and then you'll be able to shoot and print 40 more shots before you'll need to recharge it again.

Compact Instant Camera

Kodak Printomatic

Straight forward and easy-to-use

Although it lacks fancy features of some other instant cameras, the 10-megapixel sensor and f/2 aperture of the Kodak Printomatic takes excellent photos that you can print out instantly. With the ability to shoot 40 shots between charges and the capability to charge on the go if you need to, makes theKodak Printomatic an instant camera to carry everywhere.

On-the-go Charging

Poweradd Slim 2 Compact 5000mAh External Battery

Portable charging for your Printomatic

Fight back against bland, black accessories with these shiny, colorful little power packs. Available in pink, red, blue, green — and black, if you really want to be boring — these 5,000mAh portable batteries are compact, round, and can fully recharge most phones at least once before running dry, so it will be more than capable of charging your Kodak Printomatic!

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