I love to read, and I'm always in the middle of a book. Buying books can get expensive quickly, which is why I've loved public libraries since I was a girl. In recent years, I've become spoiled by the experience of reading on my iPad. I find I much prefer being able to change the font, read in dark mode at night, and avoid carrying heavy books on vacation. But how do you read library books on your iPhone or iPad? Thanks to Overdrive's apps, it's easy and free. You can borrow both ebooks and audiobooks from your local library and enjoy them on your iOS device.

Overdrive has three different apps available for iOS. The original app, Overdrive, still works great, but they've recently introduced two new apps which are designed to be more user-friendly. The company recommends Libby for public library users and Sora for school libraries. This article will focus on the Libby app.

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Here's how to borrow books and audiobooks from your public library with Libby.

Download Libby from the App Store

Make sure you already have a library card before you get started with Libby.

  1. Tap Yes when the AI personality, Libby, asks if you have a library card.
  2. Tap Copy From My Other Device, I'll Search For A Library, or Yes, Guess My Library to allow her to help you find your closest connected library.
  3. Choose where you want your books sent. You can have them delivered to Kindle or the Libby app. I prefer to read in the Kindle app on my iPad and iPhone, and I own a Kindle device, so I always select Kindle.

Enter your library's website

  1. Tap Enter The Library.
  2. Sign in with your library card or get an instant digital card if you need one.
    • Once you sign in, you'll see how many holds and loans you currently have on your account.
  3. Tap Enter The Library once again.

Find a book to read

  1. Tap Preferences to set your search parameters.
  2. Select a specific format (books or audiobooks), language, audience, compatibility, and availability.
    • You can also sort by relevance, popularity, date added, release date, author, or title.
  3. Tap the magnifying glass at the top to search for a specific title, author, or topic.
  4. Tap Explore to browse titles if you don't have any specific book in mind.

    • Alternatively, you can just scroll down to start browsing.

Borrow or hold the book

  1. Once you select a book, tap Borrow to download the book immediately if it's available.
  2. If it's not currently available, you'll see the option to Place Hold. When you do so, you'll be alerted by email once your book becomes available.
    • If you selected Kindle as your default reader, you'll be taken to Amazon to complete the process. Log in with your Amazon credentials and choose which device you want the book delivered to (all of your Kindle apps and devices will sync so it doesn't really matter).
  3. Tap Get Library Book.

Read your book

The last page you've read will not be synced between Libby and Kindle, so make sure to decide which app you want to read from and stick with that through the entire book.

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  1. If you're using the Kindle app, open the Kindle app and tap on book's cover.
  2. If you'd prefer to read in the Libby app, tap Shelf at the bottom and choose the book you wish to read.
  3. Enjoy!

Unlike paper library books, there are never any late fees. Your borrowed book will simply disappear off of your device when your library's loan period ends, which usually lasts two or three weeks. Libby is a great way to read or listen to current, popular books without spending a dime.

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How do you read digital library books?

Do you use a different app for checking out library books on your iPhone or iPad? Put your suggestions in the comments and we'll check them out!

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