How to remove that wrist strap from your Joy-Con Bumper

When playing games such as Super Mario Odyssey, you may realize that your wrist straps seem to just get in the way of motion controls. We have figured out how to fix that problem.

In order to achieve this, you're going to need a screwdriver and a pair of good eyes. This takes a bit of handy work, so don't try this if you're not too handy.

The strap on the Joy-Con bumper is there as a safety precaution to avoid accidentally tossing your controller across the room, potentially damaging something (or someone). Remove the strap at your own risk.

Step One: Remove the Metal Plate

With your handy screwdriver, remove the three screws on the metal plate. This will reveal a plastic insert underneath of the metal one.

There is a small piece of black plastic and a spring that is loosely held in place by that metal plate. DO NOT LOSE THIS This is essential to locking the bumper in place.

Step Two: Remove Plastic Insert

Carefully, remove the plastic insert by pulling up gently on the bottom and moving it to the left so that you can remove the locking bar with it. Make sure you remove this gently so you don't hurt the plastic or any mechanisms underneath this insert.

Step Three: Remove the Strap

Before you can remove the strap, you will have to remove the white locking mechanism on the outside of the bumper. After you do that, carefully remove the strap with your screwdriver and pull it out the end side.

Step Four: Put it all back together

Now that you have officially removed your strap, you have to put the bumper back together. Start by inserting the white locking mechanism into the plastic mechanism and pulling that through the designated hole on the base of the bumper.

After you complete that, put the small spring in the little area designed for it and place the little black plastic piece on top of it.

Finally, place the metal plate back on top and screw it in!

Four easy steps and you are officially strap-free!

And should you ever decide that you want to replace the whole thing, you can always head over to Amazon.

They have replacement bumpers in a multitude of varying flavors to help you capture the aesthetic you desire for around $5

$5 at Amazon


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Updated December 2018: Added a disclaimer about the risk of removing the safety strap of the Joy-Con bumper.

Jaz Brown