Joy Con Strap Upside Down HeroSource: iMore

If you're here right now, you were probably in a rush to play one of the best games on the Switch and heard the click of a Joy-Con strap a little too late. It's unfortunately easy to get these straps clicked on upside down. Luckily, there's a simple way to release the strap from your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con without a ton of tugging and agony. Follow these steps to release your anxiety along with the Joy-Con strap.

Disclaimer: Please use caution when pushing the prongs in. If your flat object is not secured properly it may slip and cause injury.

How to remove a stuck Joy-Con strap

  1. Grab something with a small, flat head like the rounded end of silverware or a very small flat-head screwdriver.
  2. With the light grey strap lock bar pulled down in the unlocked position, place your flat item between the Joy-Con body and the strap where you see the two black prongs on the end.

    How to remove a stuck Joy-Con strap: push Joy-Con strap lock down to unlocked positionHow to remove a stuck Joy-Con strap: place flat object between the Joy-Con body and strap where the prongs are seenSource: iMore

  3. Push the object up toward the prongs, pushing the Joy-Con body away from the strap with one hand.

    How to remove a stuck Joy-Con strap: push object toward prongs and away from the Joy-Con body with one handSource: iMore

  4. With the other hand, you should be able to hold the Joy-Con and use your thumb to gently slide the strap off, away from the strap lock. If you don't feel that it is gliding easily you may not have the prong pushed in.

    How to remove a stuck Joy-Con strap: Use the other hand to gently slide the strap away from the strap lock and off the Joy-ConSource: iMore

  5. That's it! Strap 'em back on properly and you're all set.

Unstuck and ready to play

Accidents happen and getting the Joy-Con strap on backwards is incredibly easy to do. I'm thankful that getting it off is fairly simple too. These steps should save you a lot of time and headache and let you get back to the games you love. Just make sure to be as careful as possible when pushing in the prongs as you don't want your hand to slip and cause injury. We want you and your Joy-Cons to be safe.