Promo screenshot of Harry Potter: Wzards Unite

The official Pokémion GO team has rolled out instructions via email to players letting them know that they can reserve their trainer nicknames from Pokémon GO to use in the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite AR game. You'll need to log in using the same method you use to sign up for Pokémon GO, either Google, Facebook, Niantic Kids, or Pokémon Trainer's Club account. Once signed in, your Code Name will automatically populate for you to reserve as your Wizard name.

Once the game launches, you'll need to sign in to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite the same way you log in to Pokémon GO, so don't forget your account info! Here's how you can reserve your name right now.

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How to reserve your Pokémon GO trainer name for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

It's important to note that there is a potential that your Trainer Nickname may be the same as with someone else's Agent Name in Ingress Prime (another Niantic game), and all reservations will be an on first come, first served basis.

  1. Go to the Ninatic Labs reservation site.
  2. Click on Use my Pokémon GO Trainer Nickname.
  3. Select the account type you use to log into your Pokémon GO account (Google, Facebook, Niantic Kids, or Pokémon Trainer's Club)
  4. Enter your login information for Pokémon GO.
  5. Select Reserve Code Name when you see your Pokémon GO trainer name.

As long as your trainer nickname is still available, your nickname will be reserved to carry over into Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!

Want to learn more?

All the information on the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite can be found in the link below!

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