How to send a tap with Apple Watch

Taps are exactly what they sound like: Using Digital Touch, you can simply tap the screen in any fashion you'd like and whoever you send it to will feel the exact same sequence on their wrist. It's a fun way to nudge a friend or even just let a loved one know you're thinking about them — no words necessary.

How to send a tap with Digital Touch on Apple Watch

  1. Press the side button on your Apple Watch to launch the Friends interface.
  2. Use the Digital Crown to select the person you want to tap.
  3. Tap on the finger icon.
  4. Tap the screen as many times as you'd like, where you'd like.
  5. When you stop tapping, the sequence is immediately sent to the person on the receiving end.

How to send a tap with Apple Watch

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  • I'm looking forward to trying this out for its novelty value when my Sport arrives but it seems like a gimmick that's a little un-Apple like?? Are people actually using this feature beyond their first week of ownership? Sent from the iMore App
  • Adding yourself to your friends list to tap yourself—THAT is gimmicky ;-)
  • Tap the finger icon or tap on your friends Photo instead.
  • Not to sound like a buzzkill but are 90% of future articles going to be on the apple watch? I would've like to see other stuff like 50%+ off some apps or what to do when your App Store/iTunes won't load. Maybe it's just me, I dunno but I would like to see things switch up a little. Sent from the iMore App
  • I expected this deluge on the Watch from all the Apple-related sites. It's new and people want to know about it on the one hand, and it's easy to write about isolated little features on the other. This will fade into more of a balance over time, but the thing hasn't been out a month yet.
  • For example an article about a mom held hostage uses pizza app to get help. Sent from the iMore App
  • As Jim said, we're definitely aiming back for a balance soon. The Watch is a hot topic and lots of people are asking us questions about it — it's similar to the deluge of photos coverage we had earlier. BUT we're still covering other stuff, too! Here's some of the non-Watch info we've put together the past few days:
  • It's not just you. Believe me. I wish there was a way to just strip out all Apple Watch postings. I just came in here to say that, and you beat me to it.
  • Allyson, would Morse Code work with the Watch? That would require fairly precise rhythm. I had to cancel my Watch order because there was a genuine danger of my being out of town for a week while my order could have shipped early and landed while no one would be home to receive it.
  • I can tell you that the recipient the taps in the exact screen locations as well as speed/rhythm it was created. In theory, morse code would work, but I don't know how one would send a "long" tap. Does Force Touch work in Digital Touch?
  • I've been sending Morse taps to my dad, who's a longtime ham (W6RY), and it works-ish. There's no way to send a long tap, but you can space out the taps accordingly — we've taken to tapping the top of the screen for dits, bottom of the screen for dahs.
  • IMO this is lamer than virtually poking people on Facebook.
  • My wife and I have the sports edition watches she has an iPhone 6 Plus and I have an iPhone 6 , we have an issue sending taps or sketches. She can see the ones I send (from iPhone 6) but I do not receive the ones she sends (from iPhone 6 Plus). called Apple support and was told this is a known issue with the 6 Plus and a patch/update will be released, but they could not say when.