How to set up the Apple Watch for left-handed use

During setup, the Apple Watch will ask you which wrist you intend to wear it on. Answer, an it will automatically set it up for the proper wrist. If you later change your mind, however, or lend it to someone who wants to wear it on a different wrist, it's easy to change.

Note: When wearing an Apple Watch left-handed — i.e. on your right wrist — the button positions will be reversed. That means the Digital Crown will be on the "bottom" and the side button on the "top". It won't affect the way the watch works.

How to configure the Apple Watch for left handed use

  1. Launch the Settings app from the main menu of your Apple Watch.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Tap on Orientation.
  4. Tap on Right under Wrist.
  5. Tap on Left under Crown.

How to set up the Apple Watch for left-handed use

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  • The user guide is more convenient than a zillion web pages with a zillion ads... ;-)
  • How did you get the watch already? It's 3:05 am Montreal time as I'm writing this??
  • These guides will come in handy today. Great job, Allyson!
  • I was happy to see watches on the right hands of users in the new commercials. As a lefty I always thought products made for left handed people were after thoughts. As in "oh, yeah. Left handed people will be using it too." Everything from those different shaped desks in elementary school and green handled scissors to manual can openers. I'm not thrilled the Apple watch on my right hand is basically an upside down version, but we lefties are used to it.