How to set up your Nintendo account on Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour title screenshot
Mario Kart Tour title screenshot (Image credit: Nintendo)

Someone playing Mario Kart Tour

Someone playing Mario Kart Tour (Image credit: iMore)

Mario Kart Tour is Nintendo's newest iOS and Android game. Many -many- of our old favorites are back to race in this world-traveling tour, along with a few new racers. But if you want to race you'll need to connect the app to your Nintendo account or create an account if you are new to Nintendo. Here's how to get connected.

Existing Nintendo Accounts

When you first launch Mario Kart Tour you will be prompted to obtain your in-game registration card, this is basically your Mario Kart Tour driver's license. To get this card simply connect your Nintendo account.

Mario Kart Tour registration card screenshot

Mario Kart Tour registration card screenshot (Image credit: Nintendo)
  1. Tap on the I Have a Nintendo Account
  2. Select Next when prompted.
  3. Sign In to your Nintendo account.
  4. Once signed in, tap on select this person to link the account and return to your Mario Kart Tour app.
  5. When prompted to confirm the link, select Agree then OK.

Now that your account is linked you are free to race away and toss some turtle shells.

New to Nintendo?

If you don't have a Nintendo Account yet don't worry, it's quick and painless to set one up. They even get you started right in the Mario Kart Tour app.

  1. Select I Don't Have a Nintendo Account (Click Here to Create One).
  2. Proceed based on your age group, users up to age 12 or 13 and older.
  3. Fill in your information (or use another account to quicken this step). This will be a nickname, E-mail address, password, birthday and location of residence.
  4. Agree to the user agreement to create a Nintendo account.
  5. Now you can log into any Nintendo product page to confirm your account creation.

Enjoy your racing!

See you on the track

With your Nintendo Accounts set up and now linked to Mario Kart Tour you are ready to race your first MKT Cup! For a look at all of the characters, karts, gliders, and items you'll be seeing out on the tracks, take a look at our Mario Kart Tour Ultimate Guide. You might just pick up a few tips and tricks for your races.

Kelly Peirce