How to share your Nintendo Switch during the holidays

There are many great multiplayer games for Nintendo Switch, which you can play with your family this season. Whether it's "Overcooked: The Festive Seasoning" or just good old "Mario Kart 8," there's plenty of fun to be had. Here are a few travel accessories to help you share the joys of gaming with all your loved ones, near and far.

Travel case

It's always important to keep your Switch in a carrying case, but most of them don't have room for all of your Switch pieces, including games and extra Joy-Cons. In order to share the Switch, you'll need all your Switch contents, so a traveling case is a must.

The Nintendo Game Traveler Deluxe System case can carry all of your Nintendo necessities for $39.99. This includes the dock, the Comfort Grip, eight Game cards, two microSD cards and two sets of Joy Cons. This is a great price in order to keep your Switch safe for the holiday travels.

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Switch case

If your little cousins, nieces, or nephews get a hold of your Switch, having a case for the Switch itself is very important. This way, a drop on the floor won't result in cosmetic damage, and you won't have to worry about sending it in for any needed repairs during the festivities.

As someone who enjoys the color of the Switch, a clear case is always a win in my books. Findway makes a clear shock absorption case for only $15.99. It's a great price to make sure anyone, young or old, doesn't bust your Switch.

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Screen protector

This is a huge necessity when sharing your Switch, especially with those who might not know how easy it is to scratch the screen. Screen protectors are incredibly useful, and you might need to switch (no pun intended) them out after a holiday with the family, particularly those who aren't tech savvy.

amFilm's 2-pack of tempered glass screen protectors are the best bang for your buck, ringing in at only $8.99. This will save your screen from scratches and cracks from those less-than-careful little ones this season.

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Spare Joy-Cons

Nothing brings the family together like playing a great multiplayer game together. However, this requires some extra Joy Cons so everyone can play together! If you currently have just one pair of Joy-Cons, you should look into another pair to make this holiday season a great time for everyone.

The Nintendo Joy-Cons are a bit pricey, ringing in at $79.99 for one pair. Although the ticket price is high, the amount of fun you can bring with the Switch will make it well worth it.

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Multiplayer Games

There are quite a few multiplayer games you're going to want to look into this holiday season. In order to truly share your Switch, you'll have to get some family friendly games to play with everyone. There are some classics that grandma might remember, and some new games even your youngest family members will love.

A fun game for the whole family would definitely be "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe." It's similar to the Wii Mario Kart game, but amped up for the Nintendo Switch. At $54.99, it's a great game to entertain the whole family this season.

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Kennedy Maring