How to add soundtracks and music to the Clips app

Apple's new video app, Clips, might have Live Titles for social, but that doesn't mean you can't add music as well. There are dozens of soundtracks included — including an action track by Hans Zimmer! — and you can choose from your own library as well. Here's how.

What soundtracks are included in Clips?

A bunch! Here they are, sorted by genre. And yes, that really is Hollywood's Hans Zimmer and the classic Happy Birthday jam.


  • Aether by Darren King
  • Bettie by Morgan Kib
  • Downtown Drive by Alvin Risk
  • Evergreen by Morgan Kib
  • Grey Blue Grey by Tommy English
  • Illuminations by Michael Lockwood
  • Luminescence by Hotel Cinema
  • Melt by Tommy English
  • Montauk Breeze by Mark Hadley
  • Shapes of Things by Michael Lockwood
  • Sunrise Spirit by Alvin Risk
  • Weekend Bash by Hotel Cinema


  • Back to Normal by Judson Crane
  • For de Rol by Claude Oak
  • Man's Best Friend by Founder
  • Nothing's Funner Than Summer by Freckland
  • Why by Freckland


  • 8-bit Elevator by Alvin Risk
  • Becloud by Keith Kennif
  • Downbeat by David Quattrini
  • Gradient Glide by Alvin Risk
  • M'Crib by Mark Hadley
  • New Roof by Judson Crane
  • Oceanography by Alvin Risk
  • Shine by Alvin Risk
  • Sun Room by Driftmob Orchestra
  • Waves by Founder


  • Aces Funk by Alvin Risk
  • Happy Trails by Michael Lockwood
  • Kool Kat by Michael Lockwood
  • Mambo Jambo by Patrick Warren
  • Tiki Horizon by Patrick Warren


  • 3Xtreme by Taylor McClam
  • In It to Win by Judson Crane
  • Metallurgix by Forklift
  • The Summit by Hans Zimmer

Holidays & Events

  • Bluegrass Birthday by Buddy Deltone
  • Dancing with Gong and Shang by Wang Leehorn
  • Field Report by Founder
  • Happy Birthday by Traditional
  • Sleigh Ride by Patrick Warren
  • Surfing' Birthday by Dick Haggerty
  • The Dark by Patrick Warren

How do you add a soundtrack to your Clips?

Apple has made it really easy to add a soundtrack to your video. It's just not completely intuitive. The trick is this: You need to be on the main screen, ready to add a new clip. You can just tap an existing clip and then try to add a soundtrack.

  1. Tap the Music button, top right.
  2. Tap Soundtracks near the bottom.
  3. Tap on a soundrack to preview it. (If you haven't used a soundtrack before it might take a few seconds to download.)
  4. Tap on the soundtrack again to select it. You'll see a checkmark to confirm it's been selected.

  1. Tap the Back button, top left. (This needs to be more obvious.)
  2. Tap Play to preview the soundtrack with your video.
  3. Tap Done, top right, when you're happy.

How do you add your own music to your Clips?

If none of Apple's soundtracks are right to your video, you can add music from your own library.

Note: If you use Apple Music, you'll need to make sure the track you want has been download before you try to add it in Clips.

  1. Tap the Music button, top right.
  2. Tap My Music near the bottom.
  3. Tap on Artists, Albums, Songs or whichever category you prefer to browse by.

  1. Tap on a track to select it.
  2. Tap Play to preview the music with your video.
  3. Tap Done, top right, when you're happy.

How do you adjust the soundtrack or music on your Clips?

You can't. Clips is easy but it's not flexible. Apple's Soundtracks will automagically adjust to match your video as closely as possible. Your music will simply get cut to fit.

If you want to change the starting point, you'll need to do it in an external editor and add the edited version to your iTunes or Apple Music library so it shows up on your iPhone or iPad.

How do you change the soundtrack or music on your Clips?

If you later change your mind about the soundtrack or music you've added to your video, you can switch either — or switch between either — at any time.

  1. Tap the Music button, top right.
  2. Tap on Soundtrack or Music to switch between the two.
  3. Choose a different track.

  1. Tap Play to preview the music with your video.
  2. Tap Done, top right, when you're happy.

How do you remove the soundtrack or music from your Clips?

Sick of the sound and want to go back to silent? Not a problem either.

  1. Tap the Music button, top right.
  2. Tap on None.
  3. Tap on Done.

Enjoy the peace and quiet!

Any Clips questions?

If you have any questions about soundtracks or music, or about Clips in general, drop them in the comments below!

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