How to remotely remove your credit cards from Apple Pay

Apple Pay offers many security advantages, including single-use tokens and authentication via Touch ID fingerprint scan or pin code. However, if you lose your iPhone or iPad, you'll still want to remove any credit or debit cards that you've linked to it, just to be extra safe. Luckily, Apple and let you do just that secure and, best of all, remotely. Simply log in and wipe your cards away!

How to remotely delete all your credit accounts from Apple Pay

  1. From any web browser on your computer, go to
  2. Enter your log in information.
  3. Click on Settings.

  4. Under the My Devices section at the bottom, click on the device you'd like to wipe Apple Pay from — you should see an Apple Pay logo next to any device set up with the service.
  5. Click on Remove All...

That's it! Apple Pay will then be de-authorized and all your cards will be removed from that specific device. Even though Apple Pay can't be used by anyone that doesn't have a fingerprint registered on your device, we'd still recommend removing all payment options if your iPhone goes missing.

Updated May 2018: Changed the steps to reflect the most recent changes in the process.