How to turn off the music in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Have you already been playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite long enough that you've grown tired of listening to its background music or sound effects? Luckily, there are some quick fixes for this inside the game. Take a look.

Turning off the sound on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The location-based augmented reality game allows you to turn off the sound for the game's music and sound effects. Additionally, you can turn off the game's vibration. By default, each setting is in the on position.

To change the sound settings:

  1. Tap on the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite app on your phone's Home screen.
  2. Select the Suitcase icon on the main game screen.
  3. Tap the Settings icon at the top left of the screen.

  1. Under Sound, tap Music to toggle the background music on or off.
  2. Under Sound, tap Sound Effects to do the same for the game's sound effects.
  3. Under Sound, tap Vibration to turn the game's vibration on or off.
  4. Tap the X at the bottom to exit the game settings.

Repeat the steps to turn any of these sounds back on.

Turning down the sound on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

If you would rather turn the sound down while playing the game (as opposed to off), you can do so using the Volume Down button on the side of your phone. Additionally, you can increase the sound using the Volume Up button.

Troubleshooting Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

All games have bugs and glitches, and some players have been experiencing some issues with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. If you come across network errors or the map is loading, there are a few things you can do!

Can't play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? Here's the fix!


Are you enjoying Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? Do you have any questions about the game or turning off the sound? Sound off in the comments below.

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