How to fix incorrect Siri commands with type and suggestions

Siri (Image credit: iMore)

While you can't type Siri commands outright, you can still trigger the keyboard if Siri mishears your wording — or, even better, rely on Siri's new suggested words interface in iOS 10. It's great if you're dictating in the car and want to avoid either trying to type a correction (never recommended) or repeatedly yelling at your phone in the hopes that it will recognize your command (also not recommended).

How to use Siri's suggested commands interface

  1. Hold down the Home button or say "Hey, Siri, if available, to activate Siri.
  2. Say anything. Mumble even. Whatever.
  3. Tap your initial text command.

  1. Siri will offer suggestions under the banner "Maybe you said...". Pick the correct one.
  2. Siri will then process what you typed as if it had transcribed what you'd been saying and give you the results you'd expect.

How to manually type queries and commands to Siri on iPhone and iPad

  1. Hold down the Home button or say "Hey, Siri, if available, to activate Siri.
  2. Say anything. Mumble even. Whatever.
  3. Tap your initial text command.

  1. Type your actual query or command.
  2. Tap Done at the bottom right of the keyboard when you're finished. Siri will then process what you typed as if it had transcribed what you'd been saying and give you the results you'd expect.


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Serenity Caldwell

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  • "That makes it less than idea for situations where you'd like to type because you can't talk." Solution, don't use Siri in those situations. I honestly can't think of any person, other than you, that would use Siri this way. Just open the Messages app, it's not that hard. Using voice dictation is the *point* of Siri. If you're just going to type, might as well just not use Siri. You saved zero time sending a message via Siri using text input over just opening the Messages app and sending the message that way.
  • Shortsighted perspective. Think about this... Is it easier to go to the Calendar, find a time, tap and hold to start the meeting, fill in all the details, etc., or is it easier to just type to Siri "Remnd me of car service on June 5th at 8am". Voila, it's done! Same applies to many other instances. In all, a text mode for Siri is a must have.
  • Think about this. Is it easier to type all that out, or simply SAY it? Plus Rene doesn't seem to understand that you can disable audio feedback, so Siri doesn't *have* to say anything back. You can hold the mic up to your mouth and whisper your commands. My statement about using Siri for text input is silly stands.
  • Have you tried whispering commands? It doesn't work, or doesn't work very well. And the audio feedback isn't the problem, it's that you have to talk. So it makes sense to want to type it
  • Yes I have tried whispering, that's how I know it works. I'll often hold the phone to my mouth and whisper "what's the weather like tomorrow" and it always tells me. As for the Reminders app, that's what the Spotlight function is for. Just pull down the screen from the mid point, and search for the app you want.
  • That still takes longer than just typing "Remind me about X on Wednesday". You have to unlock the phone, pull down spotlight, type reminders, click on it, then type what you wanted to be reminded about and set the date manually. That's a lot more effort than typing "Remind me about X on Wednesday"
  • Our technology is slowly making us more and more lazy these days, I think. You're talking like you're breaking a sweat or missing appointments because of the time it takes to type these things in.
  • Yes, exactly, thank you. Someone that understands. Some of the replies I'm getting are just ridiculous, it's not going to kill you to take a fraction of a second longer to do something.
  • Technology makes us faster, but you know you have the option to do it whatever way you want, but saying text input via Siri is silly is daft when for some people like myself, it makes like a lot easier and quicker. I expect technology to allow me to do things quicker as time goes on, so for this reason I prefer to use Siri for reminders. It doesn't make me lazy, I have a busy life style and having to sit down and input text on a touch-screen keyboard then select the date manually takes a fair bit more time than just saying it. Plus if I'm walking down the street I don't want to be fiddling around with all that, I just want to tell my phone to remind me
  • Again, you're not thinking about this. You cannot do something like you're suggesting in a meeting or a loud public surrounding, etc., where as you can easily type out a quick sentence (it takes what, 3-5 seconds) and accomplish a task if Siri supported type to command.
  • Its the reminders app that I want to be able to interact with without voice. I never interact directly with the reminders app, so I keep it buried in a folder (you know the one, with tips, stocks and compass). Interacting with Siri is much faster than finding the buried app. During those times I don't want to talk out loud (which is most times) Siri is very inconvenient. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yes. Why talk to voice activation when you could just search the Internet?
  • I really don't understand the need for this. The whole point of Siri is to TALK to it. If you don't want to talk then just use your phone as normal. These articles are silly.
  • See my reply above. You're not thinking outside of the box.
  • The articles are apparently silly but you continue to read them *sigh*
  • I read the article title. Then came to voice my opinion. I have that right, no?
  • It's actually a lot quicker to type "Remind me about X on Wednesday" than it is to find the reminders app, click add a new reminder, type the reminder out, then click the info icon to manually set the date, so typing using Siri is still a viable option which is why Apple includes it
  • When I had my windows phone I found myself typing to Cortana quite a bit. Didn't think I would but there were times when it made sense. And Cortana had great voice recognition, better than my experience with Siri. But Cortana also had better integration with the phone then Siri has. It's one of those things where there are people who might want the option to do this and having the option for those people makes sense. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yep, fellow Window Phone exist here too. The typing to interact with Cortana is one of the big things I miss when using Siri. I found it really useful in setting reminders without opening the reminders app that was buried in the settings. Sent from the iMore App
  • I find it funny that Apple has been big on accessibility for so many years, yet hasn't enabled this yet. I have def friends that wouldn't want to "talk or mumble" first in order to use Siri. Not only should Siri allow typing without first speaking, Siri should just be integrated with search. It would be nice to just pull down on the home page and start typing a command or query to Siri. There could be still search results, but have the first result be Siri's confirmation to take action. Ranting:
    I would also like to disable the "left-most-home-page-search-&-recommendations-page". I only have one home page, and hate the false left/right inputs that move my screen when I'm just trying to tap an icon. And why the F are there TWO search interfaces that show different things? I guess if you KNOW swiping down could potentially save you time since it doesn't load ALL of the Siri Suggestions.
    iOS UI in general need refined. It's slow. I have to wait for the stupid animations before I can tap an icon! To those who "don't see the point", the point is: some people want this feature & see value in it. Just bc you don't doesn't mean it shouldn't happen. It won't stop you from speaking to Siri. So why waste your time even commenting on it? Sent from the iMore App
  • RE: "And why the F are there TWO search interfaces that show different things?"
    Yeah, I never really got that either. Wish I could disable the leftmost page. Either that or Apple give us more granular control over what it can display, possibly allowing third party apps to display content in it (eg: I don't care for Apple News, but would definitely welcome a list of recent stuff from my RSS Feed reader app). As it is right now it's simply an empty page I sometimes swipe to unintentionally.