How to update Apple Watch: The ultimate guide

Apple Watch
Apple Watch (Image credit: Bryan M. Wolfe / iMore)

Here's what's new in the latest version of watchOS, as well as other important information about the watchOS update process.

What's new in watchOS 7

watchOS 7 Preview Hero - Chronograph Pro face

watchOS 7 Preview Hero - Chronograph Pro face (Image credit: Joseph Keller / iMore)

WatchOS 7 brings terrific new features and improvements to Apple Watch, including new watch faces, a sleeping app, and more. If you're looking for something just a new, consider purchasing one of the best Apple Watches now on the market.

Here's a quick breakdown of everything that's new and changed in the latest release.

Which Apple Watches are compatible with watchOS 7?

Apple Watch watchOS 7

Apple Watch watchOS 7 (Image credit: Apple)

You've got an Apple Watch, and you're wondering whether your Apple Watch will be able to download the latest update. You want to be able to use all of the new features, including improvements to activity and health monitoring, the new Siri face, and more.

The short answer is probably. Your Apple Watch will most likely run watchOS 7.

How to prepare your Apple Watch

Apple Watch series 5

If you're worried about whether your Apple Watch can handle the latest watchOS 7 update, you can get prepared ahead of time by doing a little "cleaning" on your devices. Here's another step in how to update Apple Watch.

Doing this is a relatively simple process. Sit down, relax, and get started here.

How to back up your Apple Watch

Apple Watch series 5

Apple offers automatic backup services for most of its devices these days, and your Apple Watch is no exception.

Learn how the Apple Watch syncs your important data, and how you can force it to trigger a backup.

How to download and install watchOS 7 on your Apple Watch

Apple Watch series 4 nike

Watch (Image credit: iMore)

The latest version of watchOS 7 brings exciting new features to Apple Watch.

Here's how to upgrade to the latest version.

How to update from a watchOS 7 beta to the official release

Apple Watch Silver Aluminum

Apple Watch Silver Aluminum (Image credit: Bryan M. Wolfe / iMore)

If you have been running a developer beta of watchOS 7, you should automatically be updated to the next release when it's available.

If your Apple Watch is still set to continue updating beta versions, but you want to stick with the official version, you can remove your beta profile and go back to being a normal Joe. Here's how.

How to troubleshoot common watchOS 7 install problems

Apple Watch Nike

Apple Watch Nike+ (Image credit: iMore)

Whether you're updating to the latest version of watchOS or considering a beta install, it's always good to have troubleshooting steps on hand just in case things get out of hand. While everything should — and usually does — go smoothly, once in a while, these simply don't update or install the way you'd expect. Sometimes it's a connection issue. Sometimes it's a verification error. Sometimes it won't reboot. And other times it just... does nothing.

Questions about updating?

Let us know in the comments below whether you have any additional questions on how to update Apple Watch.

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