How to update your Nintendo Switch from 1.0.0 to 3.0.0 so you can jailbreak it

You may have heard by now that the Nintendo Switch is official Homebrew supported with a jailbreak. If you've been holding off updating your Switch for just this reason, you might need to perform an update in order to install the Homebrew launcher.

But wait! Don't do a full update!

Currently, the Switch can only be jailbroken if it's running 3.0.0. So if you've got a Switch running 1.0.0 - 2.3.0 you'll need to update to 3.0.0, but you can't install updates incrementally. There is a way to get your Switch to only update to firmware 3.0.0, however. Here's how.

Buy a Pokkén Tournament DX physical game card and check the version

Pokkén Tournament DX was released before Nintendo updated the Switch to firmware 3.0.1. The "first pressing" or initial release of the physical game card only requires a firmware update to 3.0.0. It won't automatically update your Switch beyond that.

Check the imprint on the back of the cartridge

That's only if you have a "first pressing" of Pokkén Tournament DX. What I mean by that is Nintendo's first run of the game, identified by a code on the back of the cartridge with the last three numbers 000.

If the imprint code shows 001 or 002, it will update your firmware to 3.0.1, which means no jailbreak for you.

This code is on the actual cartridge, so you can't just take a look at the back of the box to see if it's the right version. You'll have to open the box, which means no full refund if it's not the right version.

Thanks to the GBATemp community for clarifying this information.

Put your Switch in Airplane Mode

The first time you insert the Pokkén Tournament DX game cartridge you don't want it connected to Wi-Fi. This will force an unwanted over-the-air update to the current Switch firmware. Make sure your Switch is in Airplane mode before inserting the game cartridge.

Run Pokkén Tournament DX

After you've turned on Airplane Mode, insert the Pokkén Tournament DX game cartridge into your Switch. You'll be prompted to install an update in order to run the game. Select OK and wait for the update to complete.

You can check the firmware version in System Settings under System. If you have the game cartridge, your Switch will now be running firmware 3.0.0.

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Any questions?

Do you have any questions about updating your Switch from a lower firmware to version 3.0.0? Put them in the comments and I'll help you out.

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