How to use multiple Apple Watches with your iPhone

That doesn't mean you can't use multiple Apple Watches with your iPhone if you really want to, but it does mean it'll require some extra work on your part. Basically you need to pair, un-pair, and re-pair with your iPhone every time you switch Apple Watches. Yeah, it's a pain, but if you want a workout and a dress Apple Watch, or a fancy and a casual one, we can walk you through the process!

How to switch from one Apple Watch to another

  1. Pair your iPhone with your first Apple Watch.
  2. When you want to switch, un-pair your iPhone from your first Apple Watch using the Apple Watch app. (This will create a backup of your Apple Watch configuration and store it on your iPhone.)
  3. Pair your iPhone with your second Apple Watch.
  4. Choose Restore from Backup to preserve as many of your settings and customizations as possible.
  5. When you want to switch back, un-pair your iPhone from your second Apple Watch using the Apple Watch app.
  6. Re-pair your first Apple Watch, again choosing Restore from backup.

To continue switching between Apple Watches, you'll need to continue to un-pair and re-pair them. Since backups are stored on the iPhone, most changes you make on one Apple Watch should carry through to the the other.

Rene Ritchie

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  • I hope Apple will simplify this process in future.
  • Serious question, is it really necessary to unpair the watch? Can one simply turn off their Sport, for example, then turn on their Edition and vice versa? Asking because I'm curious to know if repairing is necessary every time someone accidentally forgets, or is unable to charge their watch and it dies. Sent from the iMore App
  • I don't think you can just turn it off because you can still see it paired on the iPhone. Also it's a bit confusing when you write "repairing", probably better to write re-pairing, or just pairing
  • You're right. I chose not to enter the "-", it does make it a little difficult to interpret what I'm saying. Clearly, I don't have an Apple Watch, yet. I guess pairing of the two units (phone and watch) is a lot more involved than a simple Bluetooth connection. Sent from the iMore App
  • No it's not that simple. I'm sure  is working on a fix but will probably be a .1 fix Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm a long ways away from owning a single Apple Watch, let alone two, but I do own a Pebble Kickstarter edition and a Pebble Steel. Being able to easily swap between the two watches is a great feeling. Looking forward to when Apple makes this swapping process easier for everyone. Sent from the iMore App
  • Rene, how much time is involved with this procedure?
  • Show of hands... How many people have the problem of having multiple Apple watches? Most of us don't even own one yet let alone the need for two or more.
  • I do have an Apple Watch & an Apple Watch Sport, exactly for the reasons mentioned, and it is a major pain in the A^*! When I want to go for a ride, or come off the bike and get ready for work, un-pairing & re-pairing is not "convenient" at all!!! all in all about 15 minute process... wake up Apple! These are the issues that come with trying to be a "highline" Watchmakerthat should have been thought through... people like me grab a watch from an assortment of other watches (Pebble, and other traditional highline watchmakers)... the more inconvenient it is, the less I wear it...
  • Thank you! I was thinking the same thing(and tried to post it). This may be a problem for future watch releases. It would be great if you could just use Touch ID on a future watch or enter a couple of pass codes and it would "just work". Sent from the iMore App
  • I preordered my watch, and it's silver toned, so I can only wear it with silver jewelry. They now have one in gold toned, so I wanted one. I know this sounds stupid, but I don't feel comfortable mixing the metals.
  • I would love to see the ability for one Apple Watch to be paired with 2 iPhones. I have a work and personal iPhone and currently my Apple Watch is paired with my personal phone. It would make the watch much more useful if it could be paired with two iPhones at the same time. I'm not sure if this is possible from a technical standpoint, but it would be a great feature to have.
  • It's odd they didn't include this feature. It wouldn't hurt to suggest it to them here as I did:
  • I left Apple feedback as you instructed. I have an Apple Watch Sport and I am contemplating to get another — but the lack of this feature is stopping me. Pairing loops are not my thing. No offense iMore — thank you for this article :) -- Grace
  • I wish they would have a sync situation as icloud and all settings and info would be automatic; the same way you have settings synced between iphone, ipad, macbook and macs in general. The pairing should be as the pairing with speakers, car and so on; so basically you could have a couple of watches and iphones. Right now I have two iphones as I travel quite a bit and use with two different sim cards. And I need to pair and unpair this watch which is a pain; it takes a good fifteen minutes each time I want to switch iphone. I would have like to get also a second apple watch (I have a grey sport and would like to get a stainless with milano band) and I am not encourage to get it for this S of syncing and pairing.
  • Pairin and Unpairing sucks
    I have a Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport ever time I pair them with my iPhone I have to reload my music which take hours.
    I just want to keep my music on my sport for the gym.
    And not have to keep painting the watches.
    It's such a hassle ...Apple better fix this issue of one watch one iPhone .
    Then I might buy more apple watches I'm a collector. And money is not an issue with me. I might even buy the edition just for the **** of it.
    Fix the issue Apple
  • I really hope Apple makes this easier(quicker!!) some time soon!!