How to use point boost tickets in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour, like many mobile games these days has something of a loot mechanic. That means one of the aims is to collect all of the Drivers, Karts, and Gliders available in the game. The problem is you need to level them up and you can't always play the game long enough to do it.

That's where point boost tickets come in. These tickets are won by racing, or purchased with gold, and they allow you to level up your Drivers, Karts, and Gliders so they can be used effectively in races. There is a proccess to this which we will explain here.

How to use boost tickets

  1. Open Mario Kart Tour
  2. Press the menu button at the bottom of the main screen.
  3. Choose either Drivers, Karts, or Gliders. Which one you need is based on the ticket you have.

  1. Select the Driver, Kart, or Glider you want to level up.
  2. Select either the Points, or the Skill box to choose what stat to boost.
  3. Tap the Raise button to use a ticket.

  1. Enjoy your new level!

Why use boost tickets?

In a game like Mario Kart Tour, where specific drivers and equipment do better on certain courses, it is important that you keep all your loot at roughly the same level. If you don't then you could potentially lag behind the other players level as you play certain courses.

I was always a Toad racer in Mario Kart, but this game makes me play all the drivers, regardless of my favorites. This is both a blessing and a curse. You have to try and get used to all the drivers and the war they work which makes you better at the game overall.

Should you buy them?

The game store does offer the option to buy these tickets when you reach a high enough level, but it will cost you Gold to purchase. You can get Gold from playing the game or spending 5 Rubies — the currency you pay real money for — to play a mini-game called Gold Rush.

Gold Rush lets you collect several hundred coins in one race, and the more rubies you spend, the more you can multiply the number of coins you get.

You shouldn't though. You get plenty of tickets as you play the game and spending a lot of real money to do it all faster really is counterproductive.

James Bricknell

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