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How to use screen record on your iPhone to up your social media game

If you've been on Instagram Stories or Snapchat lately, you've probably seen these spiffy li'l screen record videos of everything from the new music people are listening too, to new apps and how to use them, and almost everything in between.

Screen recording is an incredibly fun tool if you get creative with it, and standing out on social media is always key: so here's how you can use the screen record feature to the best of its ability!

New tunes, my dude!

Gone are the days of screenshotting the tunes you're listening too and posting them to your IG Story: up your social media clout with a good ol' fashioned screen record of your latest and greatest favorite banger!

Recently I've been listening to a lot of the Black Panther soundtrack, and rather than post screenshots of songs that people will instantly swipe away from, I've started posting snippets of songs to my Instagram Stories via screen record. The results? People have responded more and more frequently to my stories, asking me about my favorite song from the film, thanking me for showing them music, etc.

Alternatively, you could use screen record to show off snippets from your favorite podcasts and expose your followers to all the weird stuff you listen to (Last Podcast on the Left, anyone?) while supporting and tagging the podcast in your story.

App attack

Is there a new app you're dying to show people? Maybe there's a new iPhone feature you've been asked about a couple of times that you need to show your followers? Well then just screen record it!

One thing we do here at iMore is show people how to use certain apps, access certain features in their phone, and so, so much more. By using screen record, you can show off the latest and greatest cooking app you've found to your followers. You can show your followers super cool features, like how your iPhone is recording your locations without them knowing. You could even show them the screen record app and how to use it!

By showing off new and exciting apps and features by screen recording, you can educate your followers and get them on your level of up-to-date-ness #woke.

Record n' share your favorite YouTubers 'n' shows

All too often I've come across a clip from a YouTuber I love that just has the perfect reaction to something. Most of the time it's someone like @RalphTheMovieMaker (... or even @PewDiePie…) that gives me some great reaction fuel, and more than once I've physically pulled my iPhone out to record my laptop screen in order to post to my story.

But with screen record, all that nonsense is a thing of the past!

Now you can easily record and share a hilarious reactions from your fave YouTuber, or even a clip of something that made you LOL from Netflix or most other video services on your iPhone.

If there's a clip in Bob's Burgers that made you laugh so hard you almost peed your pants, then you may want to share it with your audience. This is a great way to start a dialogue with followers, tag larger accounts that may recognize you, and keep people engaged with your content and coming back for more.

Makeshift slideshow

Ever want to show off a couple of pictures on your Snapchat or Instagram story, but you don't want to go through the hassle of selected, editing, and uploading each and every single one form your camera roll individually? The make your own slideshow using screen record!

Simply start a new album in the Photos app, add in the pictures you would like to show off on your IG Story or Snapchat, tap so that the borders surrounding the images are plain black, turn on screen record, and start scrolling.

What you'll end up with is a well-timed/paced slideshow that you can always record in chunks if you have more images that span that narrow timed window for apps like Instagram or Snapchat. How's that for getting creative?!

How do you use screen record?

Have you played around with screen record before? Is there a way to use it that you've figured out that works spectacularly?

Let me know your screen record tips and I'll be sure to try 'em out in the comments below!

Cella writes for iMore on social and photography. She's a true crime enthusiast, bestselling horror author, lipstick collector, buzzkill, and Sicilian. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @hellorousseau

  • You sold me on screen record fun, thanks. But I kept waiting to learn how to screen record. A tad ironic that actually teaching us how to do it was absent. I must be behind the times and everyone knows how to do this. Anyway, I found it in your archives:
  • I'm on iOS 10.1.1. So I have an enterprise app screen recorder. I use it mostly in app beta testing. The developers like it when I can show them what's going on.