If you're playing Duo or Squad Mode in PUBG, you know just how critical being able to communicate with your teammates can be. Relaying information about enemy positions, available loot, or just planning your defense against an incoming opponent, the best way to keep in touch is voice chat.

Lucky for everyone, PUBG Mobile lets you voice chat with the microphone built-in to your iPhone, so you don't even need any extra equipment. Here how you use it.

How to enable and disable voice chat in PUBG Mobile

Before you can turn on your mic and start talking, you'll need to make sure your voice chat is enabled, which you can do once you're in a match.

  1. Tap the speaker button in up near the top right of the screen beside the map.
  2. Tap the speaker button again to disable voice chat.

How to turn on and off your microphone in PUBG Mobile

If you want to talk to your friends, you'll need to allow PUBG Mobile to have access to your microphone. You can do all of this inside a match.

  1. Tap the microphone button up by the map in the top right corner.
  2. Tap Allow. You may not need to do this step.
  3. Tap the microphone button again to disable your microphone.

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