How to use your iPhone or iPad to help you eat better

February is Fitness Month at iMore and Mobile Nations, and that means our whole community is involved -- readers, listeners, viewers, and most of all, forum members. All week you've been sharing how you use your iPhone and iPad to stay in shape, and the apps and accessories you use along with it. Sure, we sweetened the deal by putting a $100 iTunes gift card up for grabs -- and we'll do it again next week -- but you guys brought serious game.

So what did you tell us?

Our winner, mjcostajr, had this to say:

Keep track of your nutrition can be cumbersome and disconnected, but there are definitely some great apps/devices which can make it quite simple.

  • Evernote Food: Not just a great app for keeping track of what you've eaten at a restaurant. It's great to remind yourself of what ingredients you used, how you cooked the meal and when you ate during the day. Of course since it syncs with Evernote, it's a great food journal that's accessible everywhere. Also, if you're busy and unsure of calories, serving sizes, etc, you can always use this to snap a picture of the meal quickly and enter the details into other apps (MyFitnessPal, Lose It) later in the day when you are winding down.

  • RunKeeper: Manual data entry is a must! It's crazy that Nike+ still doesn't natively offer this option. Also, RunKeeper lets you distinguish between different activities: running, elliptical, rowing, etc! Of course, when the weather is beautiful and you are ready to hit the pavement, the GPS records all your running stats quite nicely!

  • Withings WS-30: Keep track of your weight without writing anything down! Just simply step onto the scale and let it record your weight and BMI. Doesn't get much easier than this!

Definitely looking forward as Health/Fitness apps/gear continues to integrate and make staying healthy easier!

Thanks mjcostajr! We also had great tips from many of the other entrants.

Fausty82, among others things, likes to track food intake:

  • MyFitnessPal: I love this app, for many reasons, but primarily because it’s so easy to use. I use it on both my iPhone and my MacBook Pro. The iPhone version has a barcode scanner for entering packaged food items. But whether you use the scanner or not. MyFitnessPal has a very extensive database of foods with their nutritional values. The database also contains a good assortment of menu items from popular restaurants, which allows me to choose healthy (ier?) meals when my wife wants to go out for a meal.

iDonev, among other things, tries for caloric restriction.

  • Calorie Counter: Even though recent studies show restricted caloric intake doesn't affect longevity, I restrict mine as a part of a two-year plan to bring down my weight. Here I'm heavily invested in Calorie Counter by Viaden. Their iPhone and iPad app is quite pleasant to work with and is bursting with options. In the app I have set up a personal plan by inputting my biometrics and setting a goal for the summer of 2014. The app calculated my needed caloric intake based on my lifestyle (mostly seated and actively training).

djayme7, among other things, like getting help with recipes.

VeganXpress and the Vegetarian How to Cook Everything: These apps help me eat right the low fat veggie way! The fitness buddy and full fitness apps help me keep my bod looking Aotay! I highly recommend all four of these apps and a vegetarian diet to look and feel the best you ever have for 2013!

We had a lot of other great posts as well, and a lot of great recommendations, so make sure you check them all out, and if you haven't already, please add yours to the thread!

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