Illuminate your room with this smart 9.8-foot LED light strip on sale for $16

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If your entertainment center or desk is looking a bit dull, livening things up is not just easy but affordable too. With the Govee Alexa-Enabled LED Strip Lights (opens in new tab), you can add backlighting behind your TV or your computer and switch up the mood as you please. While it's normally sold for up to $23, today you can pick up the 9.8-foot light strip kit for just $16.09 at Amazon when you use promo code 765S9P8O during checkout. That saves you $7 off its usual price and brings this kit lower than it's ever reached without a code otherwise. It's hard to find something else that can enhance the mood of a room in your home that's as inexpensive as this.

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Govee 9.8-foot Alexa-Enabled LED Strip Lights (opens in new tab)

Installing this 9.8-foot LED strip behind your TV or desk (or practically anywhere in your home) is easy, and controlling it is even easier! Use an app on your phone from anywhere in the world or even use your voice to control it with Amazon Alexa.

Govee's 9.8-foot LED strip lights are the perfect size for TVs between 46 and 55 inches. It powers up via USB so you can plug it into your TV's USB port or your computer so there's no dangling wire leading from your screen to the wall. Using the Govee Home app, you'll be able to control the strip from anywhere in the world. Turn it on and off, schedule it to power on at a specific time on a certain day, change its color, and more all from an app on your phone or tablet.

This Govee strip also has the added ability of being Alexa-compatible. That means you'll be able to voice control it if you have a compatible device featuring Amazon Alexa, such as the Amazon Echo Dot (opens in new tab). A control box is included with the kit too so you can manually press a button to power the strip on and off, adjust its brightness, or change its color. Govee's app gives you 16 million color options to choose from and lets you slide between 1% and 100% brightness.

Shipping at Amazon is free on orders totaling $25 or more, or with an Amazon Prime membership. If you've never been a member before, you can start a free 30-day trial (opens in new tab) right now to score free two-day shipping with no order minimum, along with access to perks like the Prime Video streaming service, exclusive members-only discounts, Twitch Prime, and much more. Now's a great time to give it a shot with Black Friday just a couple of weeks away.

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