The Anchor: a handy hook to help cut down on workspace clutter

It's important to keep things organized around your workspace, but we don't want to spend an arm and a leg on organization accessories. Being able to keep your headphones, wires, and desk organized can be tricky, and dropping a ton of moolah on something that simply keeps things tidy can be tough to justify.

Keep your workspace organized with these handy hooks!

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That's where The Anchor can help. It's a durable yet flexible hook that easily attaches to the bottom of your desk by way of industrial-strength adhesive. The design allows you to hang your headphones just underneath your desk without worrying about hitting your knee on a hard metal hook.

Keeping your desk organized is much easier when your headphones have an elegant storage option when they're not on your head. The hooks can also be used to help keep power cables and other accessory wires organized. This can be especially valuable if you own and use a standing desk.

Smart design for an efficient workspace.

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Normally you would have to pay $20 for this handy little hook, but with iMore Digital Offers, you'll get 50%! That's right: you can pick up this handy little desk-mate for only $9!

If you're someone who wants to get organized but doesn't want something too complicated (or too expensive!) then take a peek at the Anchor. Your desk, headphones (and knees!) will say thank you.

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