The Nintendo Switch is an amazing console that has proven incredibly popular. While it's pretty much perfect already, there are a bunch of accessories and peripherals you can pick up that only go on to improve your gaming experience. GuliKit makes a few such accessories, and is offering 10% off right now when you enter the correct coupon code at Amazon.

One thing the Nintendo Switch lacks is the ability to connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones. It's pretty wild that in 2019 this is something the console doesn't do, but it's true. Thankfully, adapters are here to save the day and GuliKit makes quite possibly the most low-profile adapter of them all. The GuliKit Route Air is a Bluetooth transmitter that plugs directly into the Switch's USB-C port and pairs up with your favorite pair of Bluetooth 'buds or cans. What sticks out of the console remains super-slim so it is barely noticeable while you're gaming. Today, you can shave 10% off by using code KUXIUNS07 during checkout at Amazon, taking its price down to an all-new low of $26.99.


GuliKit Route Air Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch

One big feature missing from the Nintendo Switch is Bluetooth functionality, but now you can add it with this incredibly slim and light USB-C Bluetooth adapter. It's on sale for just $27 when you enter the code below during checkout.

$26.99 $29.99 $3 off

With coupon: KUXIUNS07

It's really easy to pair, and once you've done it once it will remember your headphones the next time so it is just plug-and-play. You can even conenct two sets of headphones at once and the device supports aptX Low Latency for reduced lag. In the box you also get a USB-A to USB-C adapter so you can even use this Bluetooth transmitter when your Switch is being used in its dock.

Once you're up-and-running with Bluetooth audio, you'll want to take a peek at our list of the best wireless headphones to pair with your Nintendo Switch.


GuliKit Pocket TV Dock for Nintendo Switch

You don't have to lug around the bulky dock that came with your Switch. This little device performs the same functions and has a much smaller form factor making it perfect for travel. It's never dropped this low in price before.

$26.73 $29.70 $3 off

With coupon: GULIKIT10

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

Speaking of docks, the one that comes with your Switch is pretty bulky. It's fine if you're going to leave it in one place all the time, but sometimes when you take the device on the go you want to be able to hook it up to a different TV, say at a friend's house or in your Airbnb while travelling. GuliKit's portable Pocket TV Dock is a solution that doesn't require you lugging your origianl dock with you on trips and it supports all of the same functions as the first-party version. Code GULIKIT10 saves you 10% on one, dropping the price to only $26.73.

Game on

GuliKit Power Bank for Nintendo Switch

This 10000mAh power bank attaches to the back of your Switch but stays out of the way during gameplay. It has an integrated USB-C cable and also has a USB-A output for juicing up your other tech. Enter the below code to score its best price yet.

$34.91 $38.78 $4 off

With coupon: GULIKIT10

Gaming for hours in handheld mode on your Switch is a sure-fire way to drain its battery life. While the 2019 Nintendo Switch has improved play time, it's still a good idea to have a compatible battery pack in your arsenal. GuliKit's battery pack clips to the back of the Switch's body and offers an additional 10000mAh of capacity. It has an integrated USB-C cable that plugs into the Switch's port, with a USB-A port for powering up anything else. When in place, it doesn't interfere with any of the buttons or air vents, and it can slide off its mount to be used as a regular power bank. GULIKIT10 saves you 10% here, too, meaning it's yours for less than $35.

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