How-to fix the iPad "App Store is not supported in your country" error for international users

If you're an international user who just picked up an iPad in the US and want to get some apps via the on-device App Store app, you 're out of luck: "Cannot Connect to the App Store. The App Store is not supported in your country"

That's what you'll get if you synced via iTunes on your Windows PC or Mac using an international account, like Canada, Australia, UK, etc. and then try to use the iPad App Store app.

Of course, you can just keep on syncing via iTunes but for the convenience of the on-device downloads, you'll need a work-around.

  1. Set-up a free US iTunes account.
  2. Open the iPad iTunes Store app (which does work.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and log out of your international account
  4. Log back in with your US iTunes account

And boom, the App Store app will start working. Now the bad news: anything you download will be locked to your new US account, which makes managements more of a hassle. And if you want to buy apps, you'll need a US credit card or US iTunes gift cards. But if you gotta have it now, that's the only solution we have working (if you know a better one, drop it in comments!)

Hopefully before the iPad launches in more countries in "late April" Apple will sort out this little problem and we'll all have on-device App Store access no matter what country we're in...

Rene Ritchie

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  • Hopefully late April no one will have this error :)
  • Hey, i know there are applications you can download on your computer to fake the location of your computer. There are apps for both mac's and pc's. Im sure that will help you out..
  • I am using my iPad in the US, but with a Canadian iTunes account, and the app store doesn't work. I'll try your workaround, thanks.
  • Can't wait till the 24th!!! Hope it's the same experience as the US launch'
  • Did any international buyers (who have the US itunes account) tried the ABC app? Does it play or does ABC put some country restriction on it? How about netflix? Can it be played outside of the US?
  • Great post, thanks. i had this problem, thanks!
  • I live in Puerto Rico which is a US territory and have used the US store all the time I have an iphone and the itunes and app store apps work fine. In the ipad however I get a "the item you are trying to request is not available in the US store" and the app closes!!! this is for both itunes and the app store apps. I will try a restore, any help would be great.
  • I live in the UK but regularly travel to other countries in the EU. for instance, I today tried to install some apps on my iPhone, but can't find these in iTunes app store, and if I find them elsewhere and try to use iTuns to install them, I get told "Your request could not be completed".
    I just see the point in having country specific iTunes stores, now I miss out, and these companies wanting to sell me things miss out. Do you know if anyone's complained about this to Apple?
  • I bought an iPad on Saturday, brought it home to the UK, hooked it up to my Mac and it is syncing as we speak. Went through registration process and I seem to be able to transfer everything fine. UK App store seems to have most iPad apps, but is missing iWork for iPad - rubbish!! :-)
  • I was cruising iTunes this morning (via my compy... not ipad) from my Canadian account and downloaded a bunch of iPad apps... only ones missing were the three iWork apps. Now I just have to wait a bit longer for my buddy to cross the border :D
  • I bought an iPad yesterday in buffalo and brought it back to Canada. I already had a US iTunes account with about 10 bucks left on it so I was able to download some apps via the app store on the iPad. I was also able to install a bunch of my iPhone apps when I plugged the iPad into my computer, including some which are canadian only. Those ones won't update on the iPad though.
    Janric - I tried the ABC app but it knows I'm in Canada and won't play anything.
  • Thanks I bought my iPad and when I used it in Mexico Appstore I had that problem.
  • I'm okay with this as long as my iPad app store starts working with my canadian account when the iPad is officially released here. Can anyone confirm that that will be the case? In the meantime a good workaround would be to buy a prepaid credit card and register it with a US address. Make a new itunes account using that card.
  • I have a new iPAD sent to me from the US. I live in Dubai, tried to use the application store, and it says not supporting in your country (The store not suppoted in this country).. Any way to download applications ? (I dont have a US credit card not US itunes, etc)
  • I live in Canada, and haven't had any problems downloading apps for Ipad using Itunes and then just synching to Ipad. My Itunes account is canadian. I just cant open the app store directly from the Ipad and the software for Itunes on the Ipad doesnt have the itunes store available it appears. But, like I said... downloading through itunes on your pc or mac and then synching to the Ipad works absolutely fine and you wont have to worry about management afterwards.
  • doesnt work here in Colombia.. what can i do?
  • u can download the app to your computer and sync it , u just can not download directly from the ipad
  • ah, same here. I have a UK itunes account, which works well with ipod here in Hong Kong, but doesn't work with the iPad. Tried to set up US account, but insists on US credit card. So, out of luck. Hopefully better by end of April ...
  • I have a US credit card but the address is my Canadian one and I still can't put it in because the US bank has a Cdn address attached to the card. It would be nice if they fix this sooner then later....what did they expect with all their hype that only US people would buy this???? must think ahead Apple
  • i bought my ipad in america, and am going back to australia, will it work in australia because my itunes is international
  • Don't blame apple for this, blame the protectionist socialist types who just want to find every way possible to screw over everyone's life & capitalism...
  • Socialist? I think not. Do please use the correct label: "Republican corporatist"
    Thank you!
  • This is crazy just wasted $775 for the 32mb iPad bought it in st martins got it back to uk and can't use app store I always thought macs were a waste of space and now this just proves it overpriced rubbish that was availible as a pc years ago
  • Richard .... way to read the whole page before posting your comments .... ugh.
    anywho. Just wondering if anyone has heard of the release date of iworks for either app store?
  • This problem is appearing with my iPad (( App Store -AND- iTunes Store )) =(((((
    I'm really sad =(
    could you help me please =)
    I have created my iTunes account ... But this error MSG also appears to iTunes Store ...
  • In Switzerland there are already tons of iPad apps available. You just need to search for them like for example with the keyword 'iPad'. This is in your iTunes on your computer.
    Only the direct link from the iPad into the App Store won't work yet.
  • thanks it works... i bought an IPAD in PARIS but the apps store not yet supported cause the iPAD will launch at the end of MAY so tried to set a new account which must be in USA ACCOUNT. now the apps store was working. GREAT!!!!
  • Richard, and other whiners. Get in your time tunnel / spaceship and go forward a few weeks. From that vantage point you'll see what a bunch of spoiled complainers you come over as. The iPad works fantastically. You just have to sync via iTunes until it's officially released in your countries and the local version of the app store goes live. I'm in Ireland, typing this on mine, brought back from US and now bulging with some excellent apps (including almost everything from my iPod Touch). What's the problem? Take a walk in the park, read a book, kick a ball. In short, get it in perspective.
  • I bought my iPad 320 in UK at PC World some 6 months ago everything worked fine, apps, Player etc but this week everything changed and I get error messages saying "Item not available, The itemyou've requested is not currently available in the U.S. store" When I tap OK the screen goes blank. I have only ever used the U.K. store, Why will it not let me access these items.
  • I live in New Zealand, I am going to America to get an Ipad, this is May so will I have to do that method or will the app store work?
  • Re putting iPad apps onto iPad if not in the US:
    It's simple, just go to your iTunes store on your computer, type iPad in the search window, and buy/download whatever apps you want into your current iTunes. Then sync to your iPad. Simple.
    The only disadvantage is you can't get some of the apps in international iTunes stores like pages etc. But plenty of others to use until the official launch in your country.
  • I am logged into the dutch itunes store...but the login button at the bottom of the screen changes it label from "login" to "" (black)...and when i press it, it doesn't respond.
    any other suggestions ?
  • Thank you gymsinclair for your help. Just one more question. I really want keynote and pages on my ipad when I get one in July and it will be out in Nz by then so will I be able to get it?
  • Charlotte, it does look like Apple will be releasing the iPad in New Zealand, according to their latest press release, in July. So you should be able to get the iWork apps then. That said, they didn't give firm dates in July like they did with Canada, Australia, UK, etc., so it is possible that the dates might slip based on demand. After all, Canada was originally going to get the iPad in April, but that slipped because of the excessive demand in the US.
  • Here is what I have found about this trick. It doesn't work for me, cause I can't access app store or Itunes or IBooks store, even though I have a US account.
    Here is the problem. I also have a foreign account. So every time I update an an app I purchased with the foreign iTunes account, or purchases something inside one of those apps it gets the iPad all confused. The iPad will still show that I'm using my US Account, but it "thinks" I'm using the foreign account.
    So to update this, on the iPad go to Settings->Store and log in to your US account. The login will actually fail, saying you can't access. Then just login again. The second time will work. From that point on you will have access to App Store, iTunes and iBooks, up until the point where you try to update / interact with an app purchased on a foreign account. Then you have to repeat the steps all over again.
  • I've tried creating a US store account but I don't get the option for the free apps. I have downloaded free apps for my iPad but these are very limited. Here in south Africa the iTunes is supported but with very limiting apps and there is currently no support for the iPad apps. How can I create a free US e-mail address that I could use instead. I think there may be a problem with where your address is listed and thus the problem of registering in the US. I have ordered an iTunes gift card and hoping this may be a work-around for me.SA is not on the list of iPad distribution as yet. Do you think I should try the app store in the UK?
  • bott us ipad lsat month, appstore in ipad wont work, hv to use itunes in computer n sync... but two days ago, appstore in ipad works just fine (guess now international ipad is launched?)
    but itunes in ipad still show the same dont work in your country message??
  • This is rank bullsh1t - this has been an ongoing problem for over two years (google this problem and see how old this problem is) and Apple have done nothing to fix it. This is the last time I get anything from Apple and I certainly will disciurage people from buying these crappy products.
  • The iPad app store is now available internationally. Really happy about this :)
  • I live in Saudi Arabia and the app store is not working for I pad I still need to plug it into I tunes to install apps and no local language support
    Waste of mony
  • I have a question, I am getting an Ipad from the states and I want the ipad iwork apps then. Can anyone tell me if I can get them?
  • I need ETrade app from US store. How exacly you can get it with giftcards ?
  • Five Months Later -- I live in Hong Kong, bought the iPad via Apple's internet store and cannot access some apps because I'm not in the US.
    In other words, Apple hasn't done anything to fix this problem.
  • Weird, I've been using my 2 ipads I bought in the US here in Australia, and I had iTunes accts in Australia and US, which up until now worked. I would sign in and out of each acct when I wanted too, until now. My app store will now no longer launch on one of my ipads, it bounces me to iTunes, vie gone into settings/accounts and chosen the US account, won't open. I've changed it to Aus iTunes and it won't open. What's frustrating upmtill this point it was fine... Help!
  • @ Claus: There is a way to cheat of the itunes store when making an US accuont so you dont have to put a credit card. Just go by the applications section, and press to download a free game, app, etc. Then it will ask you to make an account. AND you have the option to have or not have a credit card. THats what I did!
  • I do not agree with this particular post. Nevertheless, I had researched in Google and I've found out that you are right and I seemed to be thinking in the improper way. Keep on publishing quality content such as this.
  • I am in South Africa and cannot get 90% of the apps. A friend told me about this workaround but I cant understand why Apple would sell in countries that cannot get the full extent of apps without this workaround.
    I cant see it being a money thing, especially if one is looking at free apps.
    Just weird that they do not have an international App store that is equivalent to the US one.
  • Hi did you find a sollution for South Africa. I want the monopoly game for my kids but not available on SA site. Really rubbish
  • It's so ridiculous that Canada and USA has to have different apps allowed. Hate it
  • it works great, good job, thaks
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  • Hey Big Noss... I have a problem.. Since I installed the app my iPhone won't vibrate anymore. What can I do? Ty!
  • Fantastic work around!!! It worked for me. I have an iPad. Have a Kindle too. I live outside the US. Once I signed up for a no credit card Apple ID I was finally able to get my kindle books on iPad! And it looks fantastic :D
  • It's also really stupid for Amazon and some app suppliers to restrict their apps. Why wouldn't you want more business, from the world. Silly really.
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  • Hi im from southafrica and want to buy or download games to my ipad, but it keeps telling me "this is not availeble in the south africa app store"? It is so frustrating. Can anybody help